Dusan Vlahovic on Juventus: "We always fight to the end, even when we suffer"


Dusan Vlahovic on Juventus: "We always fight to the end, even when we suffer"
Dusan Vlahovic on Juventus: "We always fight to the end, even when we suffer"

Dusan Vlahovic is the most expensive transfer of the winter transfer window. The young Serb had something to say after signing for one of the biggest Italian clubs "I am just excited. I came to the famous club and I am ready to do my best for the best possible results.

Thank you to the people from Juve for working so hard to hire me ", Dusan said at the press He will probably debut against Verona "My goal is to adapt to the requirements of the coach as soon as possible, to make friends with everyone and form family relationships with teammates and everyone who works in Turin." "That is the key item.

There is no player in the world who can win on his own. The team is in the first place: both when it triumphs and when it loses. I have to put myself in the service of the team, only together can we succeed. " Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Tottenham, among others, were interested in Vlahovic ...

Maybe some of them could pay more than Juventus, but after his stay in Fiorentina, the 22-year-old from Serbia wanted to move to a higher level in Serie A. "It was easy for me to choose Juventus. The desire for victories is engraved in the DNA of this club, there is never a giving up here, we always fight to the end, even when we suffer."
"That is also my mentality and that is why the choice was natural.

The very fact that I am in Juve calls that there are no more excuses. Juve is not waiting for anyone, I have to be ready from day one. I will do my best to comply with the requirements of the team as soon as possible." "Only triumphs count here."

Dusan Vlahovic on Chiesa and his number

He found a well-known face "Before signing, I spoke with Federico Chiesa.

We built a great relationship in Florence and I am sorry that we waited a long time to play together again." "I can’t wait to see him on the field again. I have not yet had the opportunity to meet Paulo Dybala, because he is with the national team of Argentina.

He is certainly a great player, if the coach estimates that we can play together, there are no problems, but there are other proven champions here, such as Morata, Kean, Bernardessci ... " He choose the number 7 "I tell you honestly, number seven is nothing to me.

I chose him only because he is the closest to nine. I know that the week has a special weight (because of Ronaldo, op. Cit.), But all the numbers in this club are difficult. Do I compare myself to others, like Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappe? No, I go my own way, willing to work hard and always be focused. "