Details of the transfer of Dusan Vlahovic to Juventus!


Details of the transfer of Dusan Vlahovic to Juventus!

Dušan Vlahović became one of the most expensive reinforcements in the history of Juventus, Italian football, and winter transfer deadlines in general. In the end, Vlahovic's transfer is bigger than what was written and said in the previous days.

Juventus paid over 80,000,000 euros just to bring in players, and that figure will probably rise to over 90,000,000. Juventus will pay Fiorentina a fixed part of the compensation of 70,000,000 euros in installments over the next three years, which is a rather favorable dynamic of payment considering the number of transfers and Juventus' traditional policy of "delaying" the payment of compensation to other clubs.

Fiorentina is also entitled to bonuses in the amount of 10,000,000 euros. The first 5,000,000 euros of bonuses are easily achievable and it is only necessary for Vlahović to play as a standard in order to fulfill them.

The other 5,000,000 euros in bonuses are somewhat more difficult to achieve and are related to Vlahović's team successes with Juventus and the number of goals, but far from being impossible. Fiorentina has a pretty good chance of eventually collecting 80,000,000 euros for the striker, who paid Partizan a little less than 2,000,000 euros.

As much as the Toscans were angry, in the end they did the job of the century and earned almost 40 times more on the Serbian striker. The biggest loser in the story is probably Partizan, who sold one of the most valuable players in the world for ridiculous money.

Dusan Vlahovic became the most expensive winter transfer in the history of Italian and the third most expensive transfer in the history of world football. Only Philippe Coutinho and Virgil van Dijk were more expensive than winter transfers.

Juventus and Dusan Vlahovic

In addition to Fiorentina, Juventus has also pledged to pay solidarity funds to Vlahovic's former clubs, as well as a commission for the management agency that represents him. The total costs amount to 11,600,000 euros.

Of that, 3,500,000 euros go to solidarity funds for Fiorentina and former clubs in Serbia. That is the amount from which Partizan will receive around 2,200,000 euros, and the rest will go to Fiorentina, the Altina football school and OFK Belgrade.

Vlahovic signed a contract for four and a half years worth 7,000,000 euros net per season. And there will be certain bonuses whose details are not known to the public. At the gross level, the Serbian striker will cost Juve 14,000,000 euros a year without bonuses.

When everything is multiplied, the Old Lady will pay 63,000,000 euros for Vlahović's contract in the next four and a half years. With fixed compensations plus bonuses, solidarity funds, and a commission, the entire operation could eventually reach a maximum of 154,600,000 euros. The final figure depends on the bonus ... But it cannot be less than 144,600,000 euros.