Pierre Emerick Aubameyang chooses between Barcelona and Juventus

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Pierre Emerick Aubameyang chooses between Barcelona and Juventus

Arsenal definitely wants to get rid of him Pierre Emerick Aubameyang at the crossroads. Mikel Arteta put him on the ice at Arsenal, Arsenal wants to get rid of his mammoth salary of 14,000,000 euros, and now he has received two concrete offers to solve that knot.

According to the respected Athletic, Barcelona and Juventus have sent official offers for the striker from Gabon. In both cases, the offers are for six-month loans, but at least they would deduct the cost of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang's salary from Arsenal's budget.

Arteta is certainly dissatisfied with his behavior, he removed him from the team when he went to France the day before one game without the club's permission to get a tattoo, which is why his captain's armband was removed.

Last week, Saudi Al-Hilal sent a specific offer, offering a loan with the right of redemption to cover the entire Aubameyang's salary. Arsenal was in the mood, the footballer himself was not. Now, Juve and Barça have also applied, so they will negotiate about that salary, as well as about the duration of the loan because it suits the English to keep it as long as possible.

It may also depend on Alvaro Moratta, if the 29-year-old Spaniard stays on loan at Juventus, the Old Lady will not get stuck around Aubameyang.

Aubameyang to Barca or Juve

If he goes to Barcelona again, and that option was mentioned, then the Catalans will give up.

Juve has certainly already agreed on the arrival of Dusan Vlahovic, but allegedly they would not mind pairing him with Paulo Dybala and Aubameyang. The only question is how much money they both have because they are not doing great financially.

To make the decision even more difficult for the Gunners, even if they let Aubameyang go, they would only stay with Aleksandar Laccazzete and Eddie Nketiah in the rush hour, and both of them will have their summer contracts expire.

The goal is missing, so the decision to part with Aubameyang will also depend on whether the Gunners will be able to bring a class goal scorer to London. It was mentioned that they would like to borrow Luka Jović, but they did not go beyond the initial rumors.

Arsenal may not need such moves now that they are fighting for the Champions League, but they obviously have some other plans and are preparing for the summer in which they will be active.