Alvaro Morata "made a boy's dream come true"

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Alvaro Morata "made a boy's dream come true"

Pathetics in its original form. We listened to and watched the athlete in all over the world when during the presentation in their club they reached for the phrase as they only wanted it in life, from an early age they dreamed of an eternal jersey - although some of them previously played for another club - however, Alvaro Morata surpassed many of them, since he became a doctor of sweet talk.

It is understandable when someone says that his life's desire is to score a goal in a derby, to win a trophy, however, with so many statements that a Spanish striker fires in his career, few can boast. If it is commendable at all.

Upon his return to Juventus, Morata tried to get under the skin of the Old Lady fans by saying that he arrived in Turin with the intention of staying in the camp of the Italian champions for a long time. "I want to finish my career at Juventus," said the 27-year-old center forward after a loan worth 10,000,000 euros, with the proviso that - if he convinces Andrea Pirlo that he is a caliber for black and whites - the Italian champions will have to pay Atletico 45,000,000 euros in the name of redemption contract.

It would not be strange if Morata did not flaunt pathetic statements in every club he has played for so far. When Real decided to use the return clause in the summer of 2016 and bring him back from Juventus, during the promotion at the "Santiago Bernabeu" stadium, he tried to please the fans: "My dream is to succeed at Real."

Chelsea paid him 66,000,000 euros

And he didn't, since Zinedine Zidane estimated that he didn't need Alvaro the following summer, he put him on the transfer list, and Chelsea paid as much as 66,000,000 euros. Morata realized that for that money he had to sing to the beats of the English: "When I was a kid, I imagined myself playing for Chelsea."

He scored 16 goals on the pitches of the Premier League, recorded six assists, however, he did not play well. The Blues were looking for a way to get rid of him, Atletico called and - you guessed it - fulfilled his life dream.

"Atletico has been my true happiness since I was a child." After all Juve. If nothing else, Alvaro Morata will remain listed as the only footballer in history who played twice for Real and Atletico. One in the younger categories and one in the first team.

We would not be surprised if he came back and when they asked him - why? - proudly says: "Because it's my dream to finish my career in Madrid."