Josip Ilicic out of team again due to depression!


Josip Ilicic out of team again due to depression!

Atalanta football player Josip Iličić is out again due to mental problems, Football Italia reports. The thirty-three-year-old member of the Slovenian national team suffered from an identical problem in 2020, and the coach of the team from Bergamo, Gian Piero Gaspperini, could not confirm when an experienced player was available.

Iličić left the club in the summer of 2020 due to depression and only in the fall he put on the jersey of the club he joined in 2017 and in Fiorentina. The Slovenian has never spoken openly about this problem, and for the same reason he was not in the team against Inter (0: 0) last week, as well as on Saturday away to Lazio.

Gaspperini was quite supportive of his player and did not want to go into the details of the problem. Everyone in the team hopes that Josip Ilicic will return to the field as soon as possible and show everything that adorned him these seasons "It is not easy for me to talk about such situations because they are very personal.

We have been and will always be with him. Each of us has different thoughts in our heads. We can only hope that he will deal with it soon. There are situations that are above football, "Gaspperini said after the match in Rome and continued: Josip Ilicic was great both this season and the previous ones, he was one of the key players and someone without whom we could not imagine Atalanta.

Gaspperini on ilicic

Gaspperini believes that this is a job for psychiatrists, and that they need to solve things like this. Until then, everyone will have to be patient "Josip worked like never before this year. We don't know when it will be available to us again.

Our mind is like a jungle. This is the job of psychiatrists. I hope that he will return and rediscover the game that will make him enjoy the field. " The experienced football player scored three goals this season and recorded four assists in 19 matches of the Italian championship.

Unfortunately, there are many cases in today's world of sports where athletes complain about mental health problems. A fast-paced lifestyle, effort, diet, all this affects an athlete, but nowadays a pandemic that has caused many mental illnesses has a huge impact.

We hope that Josip Ilicic will return as soon as possible and play again He will be much needed by his team