Jorge Mendes “made” a Portuguese colony in Wolverhampton

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Jorge Mendes “made” a Portuguese colony in Wolverhampton

They don't just call him Superagent. What Jorge Mendes has been doing in the world of football in recent years exceeds all limits of an agent's influence. Neither Mino Raiola, nor Pinhas Zahavi, nor Jonathan Barnet, can do that ...

The Portuguese powerful essentially has his club in the strongest league in the world (although the formal boss is someone else) to which he brings his players in millions of transfers. And no one can blame him. Ever since Mendes and friends took over Wolverhampton, the club of glorious tradition has flourished.

He walked through the Championship to the Premier League and became a hit there. Already in the first season, he won Europe and left a good impression there.

And as it started, we can expect that maybe this season, too, they will break the strings for the greats in the fight for the Champions League.

The Wolves are getting stronger and stronger, and the latest players are the best proof. The club from Molineuxconfirmed today the transfer of Barcelona's right back Nelson Semedo for 30,000,000 euros plus 10,000,000 euros through bonuses.

And it's not that they were dissatisfied with Semedo in Barcelona, ​​but they had to sell someone for serious money because of the disastrous club policy. And only Jorge Mendes and maybe a couple of people in the world of football can finish that job for them today.

Barca owes a service

Although Juventus, Inter and Manchester City also wanted Semedo, superagent eventually made a combination with Wolverhampton. He brought his player to his club and provided Barça with a lot of money, thanks to which she will complete the purchase of Sergio Dest.

And Barca will owe him a service that he will be able to charge later. Semedo is a player above Wolverhampton's rating, although it is also a question of how fast his colony on the Island is advancing. Today, the right back became the 14th Portuguese player in the Wolves since Mendes took over the club four years ago, and the 10th in the current team.

For example, the Wolves have only three English players in their ranks.

The total amount paid for Portuguese footballers in the Mendes era could increase by 227,455,000 euros if all bonuses and redemptions are realized. And they all listen to Mendes and come to Molineux because they know that it is a top springboard for them.

The Wolves have so far sold three Portuguese footballers they brought in the Mendes era and made money on each of them. The total plus on the transfers of Cavaliero, Helder Costa and Diogo Jota was over 43,000,000 euros! And it is still expected that the Wolves will make money on Neves, Vinagre, Podence, Neto, Silva, Vitinha...

Even on Semedo in the end. Along with good results, the growth of the player's price, the earnings that the club has, there is also the filling of his pockets. He earned 10,000,000 euros on the transfer commission for teenager Fabio Silva from Porto alone. How could he not when he negotiates with himself.