Cristiano Ronaldo to Rangnick: "Why me, why not one of the younger players?

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Cristiano Ronaldo to Rangnick: "Why me, why not one of the younger players?

His Majesty the result says he is right. Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction illustrates that Ralf Rangnick does not control the locker room of Manchester United. The moment when the head coach of Manchester United took the Portuguese out of the game during the visit to Brentford is still one of the central topics of the British media.

When one of the best football players in the world moves to the bench, then it is unusual. Although, the German confirmed that he is cold, that he doesn't care about old merits, and says that he is only interested in the interest of the collective.

The team is more important than any individual, regardless of whether his name is Cristiano, Cavani, Bruno Fernandes or someone else ", Rangnick points out, reminding that he is fair when it comes to other aces of the Red Devils.

Because... "Bruno was not happy either when I changed him in the previous games, but I only made the best moves for the team. I believe that Ronaldo has not been replaced for the first time in his career." "As far as I remember, something like that has happened before, even under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Of course, a football player like Ronaldo does not like to move from the field to the bench." "His reaction was emotional, but as far as I'm concerned no problem. I also coached other footballers, maybe not such big names as Ronaldo, I know very well what the reactions are during the changes.

" According to Ralf Rangnick, Ronaldo is great, although he is not untouchable. No need to make a fuss about it. I can only speak on my own behalf and on behalf of my associates from the professional staff. I explained to him during the game what the reason for the change was, we even chatted a bit after the goal for 3: 0."

"The job of the coach is to help the team win, and based on the experience from Villa Park, it was clear that we have to be better against Brentford. And we were better, the only question was who will be substituted.


Ralf Rangnick about Cristiano Ronaldo's complain

The Manchester coach revealed that Ronaldo complained to him immediately after the change. "He is an amazing striker, he always wants to be on the field, to shake the nets.

He asked me: "Why didn't you substitute a younger player?" "The answer came five minutes later when one of our talents scored the third goal, "Rangnick commented on Marcus Rashford's goal which" closed "the game.

"Maybe Cristiano would have scored that goal for 3: 0, if he had stayed on the field, but football is not" maybe ", but to make the right decisions at the right time." For example, on Saturday at Old Trafford, against West Ham, a direct competitor for the position leading to the Champions League.

"Cristiano is under question, because of neck pain. He was on treatment for two or three hours on Thursday. We have to wait and see how he feels, "Rangnick added.