Bayern Munich gives ultimatum to Robert Lewandowski: "Extend contract or leave"

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Bayern Munich gives ultimatum to Robert Lewandowski: "Extend contract or leave"

The whole world is waiting for Kylian Mbappe at Real Madrid and watching where Erling Haaland or Dušan Vlahović will go, but like thunder from the clear sky, the news appeared that the main story of the summer transfer window could be - Robert Lewandowski.

According to SportBild, the management of Bayern has clearly told the Polish striker: either he will sign a new contract by the summer or he will be sold! The current contract between Lewa and Bayern expires in the summer of 2023, which puts the Bavarians at risk of being left without compensation for what many of the world's best footballers say in the past two years.

The problem is that Bayern rarely offers contracts to veterans over the age of 30 for more than a year. Lewa (33) wants a little more security and could get it in other clubs. They can't wait to kidnap him from the Germans.

They know that in Munich as well, so they are ready to make a concession: Robert Lewandowski can choose between contracts for one season with the current salary or for two if he accepts the reduction. It is not known exactly how much.

Pini Zahavi and Robert Lewandowski

Footballer manager Pini Zahavi thinks in a similar way: extend or sell. Robert Lewandowski could get another lucrative contract. It is known that he dreamed about Real Madrid before, but according to Bild, he would not mind trying out for Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain.

Bayern Munich would at least make money, and the Germans are watching the situation at the box office. According to the estimates of the specialized Transfermark, even 50,000,000 euros would not be too much for the 33-year-old Robert Lewandowski.

After all, if Juventus gave 100,000,000 for Cristiano Ronaldo… With that money, Bayern would surely go for a new star in the attack, Erling Halland has been running as an option for some time. It is also interesting that Robert Lewandowski, according to Bild, is a bit dissatisfied with the fact that with Julian Nagelsman and his idea that the wings enter the center of the field, he has to return for the ball more and more often and play as a kind of "ten"

Allegedly, Robert Lewandowski talked to the head of the profession about it several times, complaining because he is no longer stuck in the penalty area. And he scored 34 goals in 27 games this season ?! What would happen if he was constantly in front of the goal? Robert Lewandowski is a really great player