Swap deal almost completed: Anthony Martial- Ousmane Dembele?

It is difficult to estimate which club will do better in this agreement

by Sead Dedovic
Swap deal almost completed: Anthony Martial- Ousmane Dembele?

Manchester United and Barcelona want to solve the biggest problems as soon as possible ... Barcelona has its problems and it is called Ousmane Dembele. Manchester United has its own and his name is Anthony Martial. The leaders of the two clubs came up with the idea to get in touch and try to solve two problems with one blow.

And that one blow would imply an agreement on the swap deal of two players. About this possibility, which allegedly became very serious tonight, writes a journalist very well acquainted with the events at the Nou Camp - Rudy Galetti.

He wrote that this is not just an ordinary idea, but negotiations that have begun and are progressing well. Supposedly to the extent that an agreement in principle - only between the clubs, however - could be reached in the next few hours ?!

Manchester United's problem with Martial escalated the day before last when Ralf Rangnick explained the absence of the French striker from the team by his refusal to travel to the match against Aston Villa. Shortly afterward, Anthony Martial spoke out and said that was not true.

After all, it is clear as day that their relationship has collapsed and that the former ace of Monaco has to find a new environment this winter. When it comes to Ousmane Dembele, Barça gave him 48 hours to definitely declare whether he accepts the conditions for continued cooperation, however, in his case, more or less everything is crystal clear - the answer will be NO for who knows how many times!

Anthony Martial and Ousmane Dembele contracts

All this drastically increases the chances that the Red Devils and Barcelona will agree on a swap deal. What can be a problem is a fact that Anthony Martial has a contract for two years.

So far, Ousmane Dembele has mostly refused to leave in January in order to pick up a big bonus for the initials in the summer. But even that situation is not unsolvable. A loan until the end of the season in both directions would mean that Ousmane Dembele keeps the chance to take what he intended.

Whether from United or someone else, it is already a question of details. It is difficult to estimate which club will do better in this agreement. Anthony Martial used to play great at Manchester United and was one of the greatest talents, just like Ousmane Dembele.

But unfortunately, Dembele is often injured and the question is how much Manchester United will be happy with him

Ousmane Dembele