Barcelona's management is leaving the club soon?

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Barcelona's management is leaving the club soon?

Shortly after Tottenham completed the transfers of Sergio Reguilon and Gareth Bale, it became clear how much Real Madrid actually relieved the budget of some astronomical salaries and how much money was poured into the coffers from all the transfers completed so far.

Over 100,000,000 euros were put into the box office by Blancos, plus another 25,000,000 from the generous decision of all first team players not to pay them a bonus in the amount of 1,000,000 euros for winning the Primera and the Spanish Super Cup, so they also forced the salaries of Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez - a total of 25,000,000 euros net per year - so this transition period in Madrid has already been characterized as successful because the goal was to focus on relieving the budget.

At the other end of Spain, more precisely in the heart of Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​less than two weeks before the end of the transfer window, has not completed any work that Ronald Koeman wanted - the transfer of Sergio Dest from Ajax has been agreed - and the club has a lot of money to buy, although the goal was also to provide some money to work in the market, Barcelona got practically only crumbs…

Koeman didn't want Pjanic

Arthur Melo, Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic left the club during the summer, today Nelson Semedo, and Luis Suarez will soon, and in return Barca got Miralem Pjanic when, at least according to some allegations, Ronald Koeman doesn't even want something excessive, and some money.

More precisely, 44,000,000 euros from all jobs. Of course, that amount could theoretically include the 70,000,000 euros from the sale of Arthur Melo to Juventus, which would drastically increase the amount of income, but most of the money (read: 60,000,000 euros) went to the same address for the mentioned Pjanić.

From the money left to Barcelona, ​​one job will be able to be completed, and that is the arrival of Sergio Dest, who will take Semedo's place in the team. And for that transfer from Ajax, Barca first had to sell Semedo to Wolves, and only then to take action.

This is all a consequence of the chaotic business of the Catalan giant in recent years, in which hundreds of millions of euros were spent without the most important result, and that is the return to the roof of Europe after five years of waiting.

Even after Dest's transfer, there will be a change of about 18,500,000 European banknotes.

Maybe that will be enough to cover the eventual arrival of Georgino Wijnaldum although there are growing speculations that the Dutchman will spend the last year of his contract in Liverpool. When the line is drawn, Barcelona managed to do only one big thing - to relieve the budget of extremely high incomes of individuals who left, and in total, the club will save approximately 40,000,000 euros net in that field annually.

Even from that amount, what Pjanić and Dest will earn should be deducted. So far, it is known that Pjanić's salary is 7,500,000 euros net, plus bonuses Barcelona was left without serious names and players, some of whom have shaped the recent history of the club, and without adequate replacements, above all Lautar Martinez, who will probably remain the silent suffering of this management, so Ronald Koeman practically has to devise tactics with what he has.

In short - this is a picture and (un) opportunity of the chaotic work of the Barcelona administration, which will probably be completely replaced in March next year