Rafael Benitez gives a statement after parting with Everton

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Rafael Benitez gives a statement after parting with Everton

Spanish expert Rafael Benitez stated that the financial situation and injuries of the player significantly affected his results with Everton, to whom he wished all the best at the parting. The English club officially confirmed on Sunday that it had terminated its cooperation with Benitez, dissatisfied with the achieved results.

After that, the 61-year-old expert made a statement: "We knew it wouldn't be easy, that we had a big challenge ahead of us, both emotionally and in a sporting way. My love for this city, Merseyside, and its inhabitants encouraged me to accept the offer."

"But only when you go inside do you realize the difficulty of the task. days. From the first days, my team and I worked as always, completely dedicated, not only the result was our goal, but also to win people's hearts.

"However, the financial situation, and then the injuries, made it more difficult. I am convinced that everything would be better with the return of the players and the arrival of reinforcements." The road to success is not easy and unfortunately, in football today, results are sought immediately and there is less and less patience.

Unfortunate circumstances determined the results and it was not possible for us to continue this project. "In any case, I want to thank the management, team members, and players, as well as those fans who supported us during this period.

I wish Everton the best. "

Rafael Benitez' succesor

Sky Sports reported that there are many candidates to succeed Rafa Benitez; Wayne Rooney (Derby County), Frank Lampard, the manager of Brighton, Graham Potter, the coach of the Belgian national team, Roberto Martinez, and Rudi Garcia.

Everton is currently 16th in the Premier League table, with only six points more than Norwich, who is in the relegation zone. No one could have expected a season like this from Everton, but unfortunately, the players are not in shape, there is a lack of confidence and the management had to react after all the desperate results.

It's not over yet for Everton, who certainly have the quality for much more, but it will take a lot of effort and work to get out of a difficult situation. The question is which coach could be the right choice, but in any case, whichever of them comes will have to give his maximum, because we are not used to watching Everton in the bottom of the table.

Rafael Benitez will have to look for a new club, but it will not be a difficult task for him, given the experience he has and his CV. The question is whether he will go in search, or take a break from coaching