Eden Hazard wants to leave Real Madrid?

He did not expect this when he came in the summer of 2019 in a transfer worth 115,000,000 euros

by Sead Dedovic
Eden Hazard wants to leave Real Madrid?

Everything hints at a disappointing parting At that moment, there was no player that the fans would be happier with. However, after two gloomy years in Madrid, it seems that there is definitely a rift between the Royal Club and Eden Hazard.

According to the latest information, the Belgian has definitely decided to leave the "Santiago Bernabeu". The news was published by the Belgian journalist Sacha Tavolieri, who reports for Radio Monte Carlo about the Belgian national team.

Although there are no exclusives here. Expected quite. Everyone speculated about that after the Spanish Super Cup, in which Carlo Ancelotti did not give a minute to Eden Hazard in the semifinal match with Barcelona, ​​then in the final with Athletic Bilbao.

When Real Madrid ie players received the trophy, the photographers noticed the apathetic Eden Hazard in a sea of ​​smiling faces. It didn't matter to him. And how could it not be? He did not expect this when he came in the summer of 2019 in a transfer worth 115,000,000 euros.

Eden Hazard and new club

True, the games didn't convince the club he deserves more, frequent injuries didn't help either, but only 722 minutes this season? Too little for a player of Hazard's reputation. As many as 16 players got more minutes with Ancelotti.

The only dilemma is whether it is wiser to do it now or in the summer? And if the choice falls on the summer, is it smarter to use the spring for surgery or to slowly collect minutes in order to at least interest as many clubs as possible? However, it is not impossible that Eden Hazard's frown was the last one with a trophy with Real.

He certainly took off the medal immediately. After only 59 games in two seasons, he is not up to a medal. We are all aware of what kind of player Eden Hazard used to be. While playing in France for OSC Lille, he showed that he is one of the greatest young talents, and he continued with great games in England, where he was one of the best players in the league and in the world.

It was clear that he would end up in a bigger European club, there were dilemmas whether it would be Barcelona or Real Madrid. But given that Real Madrid dominated the Champions League in those years and no one could match them, it was clear that he could still choose Real Madrid, which turned out to be the case.

Unfortunately, injuries and his lack of interest influenced this outcome. But Eden Hazard has the strength for much more

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