Erling Haaland: "I'm under pressure, things have to be resolved"

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Erling Haaland: "I'm under pressure, things have to be resolved"

He fasted for two games before he scored twice last night in the triumph over Freiburg - 5: 1. These were his first goals in 2022. Thus, in the current season, he improved his performance by 21 goals from 18 matches, while globally, counting since he arrived in Westphalia, he has again more goals than matches - 78 goals in 77 matches.

Erling Haaland(21) - by many the best center forward of today and the first star of world football in the future. The numbers and records that the young Norwegian is breaking from week to week are impressive. All that put him in a situation where he can practically choose where to continue his career.

He has not decided on that yet, and as he stated after last night's game, Borussia started to put pressure on him. And that makes him angry ... "I haven't said anything out of respect for Dortmund in the past six months. But now people from the club have started pressuring me to make a decision," Erling Haaland said in a short interview for Norwegian television.

Recall, the leaders of the Millionaires have said in recent months that it is not excluded that the strong goal scorer could stay in Westphalia for another year if he estimates that it is best for him. However, now is the time for a final decision.

And the Germans are in a hurry. Understandably, it is necessary to go hunting for his replacement if he decides to go.

Erling Haaland is furious

Erling Haaland doesn't like it at all "I'm under pressure, and all I want is to play football.

I want to concentrate on the game because I'm the best then. Not when some other things are on my mind. I've been under pressure for a while, obviously, it's time to things will be resolved. And that will happen soon. " Borussia's first man Hans Joachim Watzke spoke shortly after hearing these statements: "We are not pressuring Erling at all.

There are no talks on that topic at the moment, so I don't understand him ... Of course, we can't wait for May." "He, as a professional, must understand that. Some future moves will need to be discussed. Erling Haaland is young guy, spontaneous, is forgiven for such things, "Watzke said.

Since the middle of last year, there has been talking of a release clause (around 75,000,000 euros) that Erling Haaland allegedly has in his contract. Neither side has yet confirmed or denied media speculation. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-germain, Barcelona are most often associated with Erling Haaland...

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