Jesus Corona is the new player of Sevilla

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Jesus Corona is the new player of Sevilla

Great job of Sevilla Mexican national team player Jesus Manuel Corona is the new player of Sevilla, the Spanish club has officially confirmed. Corona arrived from Porto in a transfer worth "only" 3,000,000 euros and signed a contract until the summer of 2025.

We say "only" because his market value is drastically higher and is estimated at around 20,000,000 euros. But Sevilla got him at a bargain price due to the situation with the contract in Porto, which expired at the end of the season.

The Mexican did not accept the offer for an extension and Porto had no choice but to sell him this winter in order to collect at least some compensation and not to lose him for free in the summer. Since this summer, Jesus Corona's departure has been hanging in the air.

Then Arsenal, Tottenham, Milan, Lyon, Fiorentina ... and Sevilla wanted him. But Porto asked for much more than they could get and did not want to sell a player under 25,000,000 euros. Sevilla, like other clubs, did not want to pay that much money for a player in the last year of his contract, they were waiting for winter.

Now they got him for a low price. The club from Andalusia was forced to bring a player on the wing or offensive midfielder this winter, given the injuries of Susso and Eric Lamela, who will not be on the field until the spring.

Riccardo Orsolini from Bologna was also an option, but Corona is certainly a better and more cost-effective solution. Jesus Corona has played in Porto for the previous seven seasons, for which he played close to 300 matches and recorded 31 goals and 69 assists.

Jesus Corona career

He started his career in Monterrey where he played three seasons and thus attracted the interest of bigger clubs. After that, an invitation arrived from the Netherlands, more precisely Twente was interested in the young Mexican.

Monterrey accepted the offer and Corona showed in the Netherlands that he is a great player, and in two seasons he scored 11 goals, but also recorded a large number of assists. As we know, Porto is perhaps the best club when it comes to finding talent.

They didn't wait long, and in 2015 they signed a contract with Jesus Corona, who spent most of his career in Porto. He had already made a name for himself there, but he didn't want to decide to go one step further until this winter.

He decided that now was the right time, and this is currently the peak of his career, although he could have changed the environment much earlier. Sevilla continues to do a great job, and Jesus Corona will surely be a great reinforcement