Why Cristiano Ronaldo hides the name of the mother of his children?

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Why Cristiano Ronaldo hides the name of the mother of his children?

Whether you think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer of all time or not, he is by no means just a sports legend, but a global brand. The footballer, who calls himself CR7 (by initials and number on the jersey), is increasing his fortune by promoting on Instagram Often these photos show the comic and narcissistic side of the star who poses, and he is often accompanied by the most famous young beauties, and since mid-2016 she has been in that position - Georgina Rodriguez (26).

The Argentine model gave birth to Ronaldo's fourth child, Alan Martin (4), and two new ones are on the way. The overjoyed Portuguese announced that his sweetheart would soon bring twins into the world. Cristiano Junior (11) and the first twins, Eva and Matea (4), were born after artificial insemination.

There are countless speculations about why Ronaldo is still single and why the footballer did not reveal the identity of the mother of his first twins and Cristiano Jr. Cristiano first shocked the public when he announced at the age of 26 that he had become a father, only briefly explaining that all parental rights had been transferred to him and that the mother would have no contact with the child.

Later, Ronaldo's mother Maria Dolores (65) revealed that she went to pick him up at a private hospital in Florida and took him to Spain, which is a lie today because his birth certificate says he was born in the same hospital where his twin brothers were born.

). Whether he was born to a surrogate mother or Cristiano was the result of a one-night stand affair remains unknown to this day. - People assume I was with this girl or someone else or there was a surrogate mother. I have never told anyone and I will never do that.

"When Cristiano (Junior) grows up, I will tell him the truth because he deserves it because he is my son, but I will not tell him because people want me to say that" - Ronaldo once said to the host of one show, Jonathan Ross.

Ronaldo is a man with a lot of money he is willing to give for his goal. Thus, the public became aware that he uses the services of surrogate mothers, that is, to find women who are ready for artificial insemination, childbirth, and then the renunciation of the child - of course, all with a big surcharge.

After the birth of the twins, the British media investigated the case and found that the twins were conceived in a laboratory in Los Angeles, and some of the documents are available to the public. It clearly shows that it was a surrogate pregnancy and the mother's name is not visible.

The children were born in La Mesa, California, near the border with Mexico. The children were born three and a half years ago, Eva at 9.07, and her brother a minute later, according to the birth register. This solved at least part of the mystery - the public speculated that the twins were not at all, that they were not born to the same mother, and the birth certificate was signed by a gynecologist on duty Maria Castillo.

Reasons why Ronaldo does this?

Leading American lawyer in the field of surrogate parenting, Stephanie Caballero, believes that Ronaldo is certainly the biological father of these children, and assumes that all his children come from the "embryo series".

Surrogate clinics routinely fertilize several eggs at a time, freezing them and storing them for years, in case the client wants more children. Caballero reveals exactly how Ronaldo could have had three children. The first step is to choose one of the many agencies in California, where surrogacy has become a billion-dollar industry because the laws there are in favor of potential parents.

Thus, parents can also become singles, couples of any orientation, and the like. In Portugal, surrogate agreements are prohibited by law, especially since Ronaldo is unmarried. Some of Ronaldo’s old friends and neighbors suggest that his decision to raise children on his own was prompted by childhood trauma.

As the youngest of four children, he grew up in poverty, living in a poor house with walls full of asbestos. His father, José Dinis Aveiro, became an alcoholic after returning from the African war (he died when Ronaldo was only 20), and his mother, fearing she would not have enough money to take care of another child, reportedly drank the potion which was supposed to cause Ronaldo’s abortion while he was in the womb.

His mother also spoke about the remorse she had when she sent him to Lisbon alone to play football when he was only 12 years old. Some of the other theories as to why he wants to be the only parent to children say that this is the ultimate proof of his narcissism and the only one he wants to be responsible for their success, and others that he is really gay trying to cover it up with everything possible. Yet all these are just rumors, and only Ronaldo knows the real truth

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