Carlo Ancelotti: "Real Madrid players don' believe they are favorites against Barca"

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Carlo Ancelotti: "Real Madrid players don' believe they are favorites against Barca"
Carlo Ancelotti: "Real Madrid players don' believe they are favorites against Barca" (Provided by Sport World News)

On Wednesday, we will have the match that has always aroused the greatest interest, and that is El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Although both teams have been fighting for the title almost every season, this season the story is a little different.

Real Madrid is at the top of the table, and their main competitor is Sevilla, while Barcelona is in the biggest crisis in 20 years and is currently fighting for a place leading to the Champions League. However, Carlo Ancelotti will remain cautious and aware of how dangerous Barcelona can be "I would worry that the players think they are favorites before the challenges that sit, but they are not.

They are aware of the difficulty of the task and are ready to do everything to win." Carlo Ancelotti thinks that this Barcelona team is very promising, and he believes that they will still find the right form and show what is expected of them.

"Regardless of the point difference in Primera, matches with Barcelona are always uncertain. I like the current Barcelona because they have an identity." "They look like Barcelona and I am convinced that they will further improve the level of the game in the coming period, "said the Italian strategist.

Carlo Ancelotti then emphasized the quality of the players in the ranks of the opponents. "Barcelona has experienced players like Busquets, Pique or Alba who always have a great contribution. However, young people are part of a team that stands out significantly in good games, players like Gavi or Nico who can have a phenomenal future."

Carlo Ancelotti on injuries

Real Madrid enters this match without several players injured "Carvajal is questionable ....

And the right-wing, if I put Rodrygo for Asensio, I could get freshness ... Those are the only dilemmas I have." "This will be an important match, I like this system of competition. When you play a match you can win a draw or lose.

The game chooses the winner." No matter how much better a team is at the moment, derbies have always been what we expected, and the teams that are outsiders knew how to show a high level and ultimately win, which is why Carlo Ancelotti's caution is not surprising.

"We have to play at the best level, the rival is a team that is strong and has the same goal, and that is to reach the finals, "said the Real strategist. Carlo Ancelotti will still line up the team and hope for the final

His team has shown countless times the quality and what is needed, and it is certain that the Italian knows how to motivate the team, so it should not be surprising if Real Madrid do their best to win

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