Jose Mourinho: "My players have a psychological complex"

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Jose Mourinho: "My players have a psychological complex"

AS Roma missed a great chance and in the end they lost the match they were supposed to win. Juventus managed to turn things around and eventually won 3: 4 Jose Mourinho revealed the plan they had, and at the beginning, the plan went as they expected, but ...

"The team played very well and had the mentality to take control, we came out and started strong. We had the idea of ​​high pressure, tempo control and taking the initiative." "It was so good 70 minutes and then there was a psychological collapse.

The goal conceded for 3: 2 killed us because Felix had an extraordinary game that ended in a sprint against Cuadrado." Jose Mourinho believes that the mentality of the players is the main culprit for this kind of game.

"When we allowed them to come back for 3: 2, a team with a strong mentality like Juventus squeezed us. Fear arose. Psychological complex in my players." "It's not a problem for me to have 3: 2, it's a problem for them.

For my team. At the end of the day, when you're dreaming, get back on your feet and find your character." "But there are people in this locker room who are a little too nice, a little too weak. I have already told the players that if the game ended in the 70th minute, it would be an extraordinary game.

Unfortunately, it was not over then. "

Jose Mourinho on Maitland-Niles and Felix

Jose Mourinho also revealed why Maitland-Niles played immediately upon joining the team but also revealed the advantage and deficiency of young player Felix "I also have restrictions on the benches, there are not many options.

Maitland-Niles has just arrived, and will surely bring another player next week. I'm here to help the team. " "Until a few months ago, he played on the field of Primavera. He is a modest boy, a boy who wants to learn, from a tactical point of view, he needs simple and objective things for that."

"He did what he had to do, he created problems for the Cuadrado, and he also did a good job in defense. Unfortunately, there is not enough fuel for 90 minutes, and when he left the field, we missed things that were too simple.

He has talent, he just needs concentration. ” He obviously lacks the players he wants, but Roma will be active in the winter market to make up for the shortcomings. "I never thought my personality was enough. I thought it might be a little easier.

We played a game for 70 minutes, which is also a consequence of the talent we have, but in the main selections of the team and the players who play, there is often a lack of personality, even in emotion management and play."

"I want to work here every day for three years, no less. I need help. We are now signing two players on loan to help the team, one was Maitland-Niles and the other a midfielder who I think will arrive next week." "A player with more physical personality and personality, suitable to have some responsibility. "