Things about Lionel Messi you didn't know

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Things about Lionel Messi you didn't know

Although he belongs to the group of the highest-paid football players, Lionel Messi is one of the most withdrawn players in the most popular sport. Apart from driving a car worth $ 200,000 and living in a beautiful house, little is known, Business Insider writes.

In 2018 alone, Lionel Messi earned 111 million dollars. In 2017, he signed a new contract that provides him with at least 80 million dollars a year. He earns an additional $ 27 million through sponsorships. He signed a lifetime contract with Adidas.

He also has contracts with Gatorade, Mastercard, and Pepsi, among others. Argentine lives in a villa located in Castelldefels, in the hills above the Spanish city of Barcelona. Lionel Messi still owns the house in Argentina where he was born and raised, and although no one lives there anymore Messi pays for its maintenance.

Lionel Messi is very attached to his mother. He is good friends with his club colleague Luis Suarez. In 2017, he married longtime girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo. The two of them grew up together in Argentina, and their families are very close.

They have three sons, and the older boys often run into the field to congratulate their father on his victory. Sometimes at awards shows, he shines with his unique style and sense of fashion. He was also in a presence chamber with priest Francis, who is a big fan of football.

Lionel Messi: Interesting facts

Lionel Messi allowed a model of his leg to be made, which sold for 5 million dollars, and the money went to rebuild the areas in Japan that suffered from the tsunami. Here and there he enjoys a glamorous vacation.

He is happy when he has the opportunity to meet famous musicians and other famous athletes. Lionel Messi ended up in the media because of the sentence. He was sentenced for not paying taxes, but "cheating" and trying to deceive the system.

But unlike most athletes, he doesn't "sell" the Messi brand on social media and Instagram is relatively amateurish. It is usually full of amateur photos of Messi with his team, family, or big dog. A completely different life from the one led by his rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is clear to everyone that Lionel Messi does not like to stand out in public and brag about his wealth and indeed, although he has great wealth, it can be said that he is a modest player who is a role model for many upcoming stars.

Lionel Messi is the biggest star alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, and therefore it is not surprising that he has all the money and wealth he has gained.