Ousmane Coulibaly, a 32-year-old football player, suffered a heart attack!

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Ousmane Coulibaly, a 32-year-old football player, suffered a heart attack!

We cannot count how many times we have warned about the heart attacks of young football players, and how many times we have emphasized the need to take measures and determine why young football players experience heart attacks, and several of them died as a result.

We hoped that in 2022 we would not hear similar news, but this time we get news from Qatar Mali international Ousmane Coulibaly (32) collapsed on the pitch during the championship match between his club Al-Wakrah and Al-Rayyan in Qatar and he stayed lying on the field motionless.

The right-back suffered a heart attack, which is why he was rushed to the hospital. The stadium's medical team responded quickly and in a timely manner, saving Coulibaly's life. The players of both teams immediately rushed to the rescue, after which the doctors successfully reanimated the football player.

The match was finally stopped, and several football players cried because of the horrible accident and they were concerned. They also posted a video on social media showing that the footballer survived and is in stable condition.

League statement on Ousmane Coulibaly's condition: "During the QNB Stars League match between Al Rayyan and Al Wakrah on Saturday, Ousmane Coulibaly suffered a heart attack which required the intervention of medical and ambulance staff present at the venue.

"It may be noted that the player is currently receiving necessary medical care and attention."

Statement on Ousmane Coulibaly's condition

Doctors have shown for the umpteenth time that they are real heroes because they managed to save the life of a young football player.

"The Qatar Stars League wishes the player a fast recovery, and we would like to thank the medical staff of both teams, paramedics and doctors for their great efforts during such events. "Regarding the status of the match, it was agreed to end it and complete the remaining time later starting with the score when it was stopped (1-0 in favour of Al Rayyan)."

Right-back Ousmane Coulibaly (Al-Wakrahr) started his professional career in Guingamp, after which he played for Brest, and in 2014 he moved to Greece. There he played for Platanias for two years and then for three seasons for the great Panathinaikos.

Ousmane Coulibaly has been in Qatar for almost three years and has played 40 games. Fortunately, the event did not end in the most tragic way, but it could very easily have happened. The question is how much can be done about such things? We wish Ousmane Coulibaly a speedy recovery and return to the pitch