Philippe Coutinho is the new player of Aston Villa!

Philippe Coutinho has become a surplus with Xavi, who does not count on him seriously

by Sead Dedovic
Philippe Coutinho is the new player of Aston Villa!

Philippe Coutinho finished his at the Camp Nou stadium He was brought four years ago as a reinforcement of 160,000,000 euros, today he is leaving the Camp Nou stadium for the second time. This time, Philippe Coutinho definitely ended his journey in Barcelona, ​​since the offer of Aston Villa for a short-term loan with the option to buy was accepted!

Catalan Sport was the first to announce, followed by the media in Britain, that Coutinho's move to Villa Park was a done deal. The club soon officially confirmed its almost sensational work. Coutinho's transfer to Aston Villa means that Barcelona has definitely created space in its finances so they can finally register Ferran Torres, which would overcome the last obstacle to the realization of the big purchase from Manchester City.

All parties are satisfied at the end of this deal. Barcelona put strong pressure on Philippe Coutinho for days to agree to leave, and the biggest role, in the end, was played by the former Liverpool captain. Namely, Gerard and Philippe Coutinho spent two and a half years together at Anfield as teammates, they know each other very well and the Brazilian agreed to such a move only because of his personal relationship with the living Reds legend.

As it is pointed out, Aston Villa has no obligation to buy Philippe Coutinho next summer, but that will be done if the financial conditions set by Barcelona are reasonable.

Philippe Coutinho and Xavi

The Catalan giant cannot expect even close to the high compensation they paid to Liverpool only four years ago.

Of the potential 160,000,000 euros agreed on January 8, 2018, Barcelona has so far paid 135,000,000 European banknotes. The rest of Liverpool will probably not see, but hardly anyone in the north of England will be able to complain because they still got almost all the money, including the one from the bonus clauses.

Philippe Coutinho has become a surplus with Xavi, who does not count on him seriously. The former captain of Barcelona, ​​today the head of the professional staff, is constantly working on reducing the playing staff and, above all, removing those for whom there is no place, ie those whose salary represents a burden for the club's coffers.

Philippe Coutinho is certainly one of them because as a player with a salary of 9,000,000 euros, the net is not even close to the role he should have. Moreover, the creative Brazilian collected barely 600 minutes in all competitions, and since Xavi's arrival, he is back in the corner and spent most of his time on the field with Ronald Koeman, who still believed in him.

Barcelona at least briefly got rid of his huge salary, and if he manages to combine good games at Aston Villa and leaves before the expiration of his contract for a year and a half, everyone in Catalonia will be relieved.

Instead of the most expensive reinforcement in the history of the club, Philippe Coutinho will be remembered as the most expensive failure.

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