How many football players died as a result of a heart attack in 2021?!

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How many football players died as a result of a heart attack in 2021?!

The previous 2021 year can also be said to be one of the most difficult years in which we could witness the great crisis in the world. COVID-19 also influenced sports, especially football. Football, as the most popular sport, had many consequences due to the pandemic, which disappeared at times, but would reappear, with new variants and creating additional problems.

The matches were postponed, many players could not play because they were positive, and the fans were not allowed to attend the matches (although the last was in 2020). However, we could go through all that, and we could stop enjoying the charms of football for a while.

But the biggest problem is the tragic outcomes of young footballers, who collapsed on the field and some of them eventually passed away. In these times of crisis, many TV houses, websites, and others spread the news, and many people around the planet had their own versions what led to so many collapses.

Some argued that the main reason was the vaccine, while some believed that heart problems could be caused by COVID, ie its consequences after some time. We do not want to deal with it, and we will leave it to the experts regarding such phenomena, but we cannot keep silent about the deaths of several players in the previous year.

The fact is that the number of heart attacks of young athletes is much higher than it used to be, and the fact is that no one has an answer: Why? What shocked us the most was the case of Christian Eriksen. During the match at the European Championship, Christian Eriksen collapsed and the stadium fell silent for a minute.

The news resonated in all the media, and many were left shocked after all. Fortunately, Christian Eriksen, like his colleague Kun Aguero, did not end tragically, but Kun Aguero, for example, had to end his career.

Heart attack cases

After that, many more cases followed.

Croatian football player Marin Cacic died of a heart attack, and shortly afterward Serbian football player Nemanja Mirosavljevic. Then, Sofiane Lokar, an Algerian footballer, suffered the same fate during his team's match.

Soon after, a new case! Makhlid Al-Raqadi (Oman player) dies of a heart attack before his team's match And the last case, a few days ago, Guatemalan footballer, Marcos Menaldo, is another one of those who sadly passed away for the same reason.

The question is how many more such cases there will be, and what can be done about it. It is certainly necessary to increase the testing of footballers, and focus on their health, but unfortunately, sometimes that is not enough. We hope that this year we will not hear the same information and that such tragic news will finally come to an end.