The love story of Edin Dzeko and his wife Amra Dzeko


The love story of Edin Dzeko and his wife Amra Dzeko
The love story of Edin Dzeko and his wife Amra Dzeko

The captain of the Bosnian national football team and the striker of the Italian Inter, Edin Džeko (35) is playing great this year for Inter. Edin Džeko opened a restaurant this summer, and he already has a bar in the world-famous Croatian destination that he has been visiting with his family for years.

"Dubrovnik is a place where I always felt at home and where I spend my summers with my family. Here I wanted to open a restaurant different from others, for all those who love Dubrovnik as much as I do," said Dzeko, who with his wife Amra (37 ) has three children.

The two of them are known as the most popular couple from BiH. They revealed their relationship to the public in 2012 and initially hid, and it was not known for a long time how they met. Amra only spoke about it last year in an interview with Azra magazine.

"Edin was in preparations with Manchester City in Los Angeles in 2011, and that's when it all started, even though we met before. From that meeting in Los Angeles, we immediately started our relationship, I have a habit of saying that from the second day he was serious." "With many challenges and obstacles that distance itself brought because I lived in Los Angeles at the time and he was in Manchester, we knew it was something worth fighting for and persevering"

Edin and Amra Dzeko

".Every month I was on a plane, I came to visit him, sometimes for only 24 hours.

The two of us met in the right way through a long-distance relationship, which lasted four years." "During that time we matured together, and these were certainly the most important four years that they bound us even more and we appreciate those four years very much, no matter how difficult they were, they taught us a lot, especially to fight for us and our love in the right way, "said Amra.

They got married in 2016, and in the same year, their daughter Una was born. Only a year later, they had a son, Dani, and in September last year, they had a daughter, Dalia. Amra also has a daughter, Sofia, whom she married to entrepreneur Vladimir Vićentijević.

The Sarajevo actress and model previously worked in Los Angeles, but left her career in America out of love for football and moved to Italy. Amra often shares happy family moments and romantic photos with Edina on her Instagram, where she is followed by over 237,000 people, which shows that they are still in love as they were on the first day.

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