Ezequiel Garay and Tamara Gorro separates: She stated they have sex issues

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Ezequiel Garay and Tamara Gorro separates: She stated they have sex issues

Ezequiel Garay is facing other problems in his life after the end of his football career. Namely, he and his wife decided to divorce after 12 years of marriage. The couple has two children, and obviously, the biggest problem is the lack of passion between this couple.

Ezequiel Garay decided to post on social media and he send a clear message to his wife: "It is not a goodbye, it is a see you later. Love you and whatever happens, you will always be the love of my life, thank you for these 12 wonderful years."

However, the saddest message is his wife, who in a very emotional way decided to separate from her husband, Ezequiel Garay. "I have always said that we are not a perfect marriage, But there has come a time when you stagnate as a couple and you have two options: either continue and end with wear and tear that has no solution, or continue because there is love."

"We have decided to take a break with the faith and hope of continuing together, ”began Tamara Gorro, who tried to explain the separation naturally.

Tamara Gorro on Ezequiel Garay

"Obviously, they are going to proceed to take steps because we are going to separate.

That implies that we have to be in different houses and I do not want to feed rumors." "We are a normal couple who have gone through and are going through this bump and I have made the most appropriate decision, which is to catch some air and try to walk together again."

Still, Tamara Gorro showed that she still loves him and will be with Garay with all her heart "I never imagined that I or Ezequiel would take such a step having love. It hurts me a lot that we can separate for life.

We are 35 years old, we have a whole life ahead of us." "Ezequiel will always have me by his side, let’s get back together or be it indefinite. I love him, I love him. I’m going to continue my life, I’m going to continue here, I have to work and I have to smile, ”he adds.

“We have been 12 years, we have built an admirable family. I speak with pain because obviously there is pain. Why do I say this now and haven’t said it before." "Now I say it because the decision has already been made. We have been living together for months but not as a couple ”, she concluded