Guatemalan footballer, Marcos Menaldo, has died of a heart attack!!

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Guatemalan footballer, Marcos Menaldo, has died of a heart attack!!

We have often written in previous months about tragic situations on sports fields, but mostly on football fields.

From week to week we hear that players are collapsing on the field, dying from the consequences of a heart attack, or ending their careers much earlier.

Since last year, many football players have either passed away or ended their careers, and among them are: Kun Aguero, Marin Cacic, Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, Sofiane Loukar... The question is whether Christian Eriksen will play and whether he will be the same player as before Unfortunately, tragic news is coming to us this time as well, from Guatemala.

Marcos Menaldo, a Guatemalan footballer, has died from a heart attack on the field. Marcos Menaldo suffered a heart attack in training with Guatemalan club Deportivo Marquense. He complained to his teammates
about breathing problems during training.

Marcos Menaldo could not continue and medical help was needed Marcos Menaldo was immediately transported to the hospital, but there was no rescue. Deportivo won the second league in Guatemala last season and won a place in the elite team, and the 25-year-old central defender Marcos Menaldo was one of the key players of the team.

“I am shocked because this happened to a young, dynamic and cheerful person. We lost a player, but also a friend, "said Deportivo president Hernan Maldonado. "God has his plans and his purposes, but unfortunately we have the death.

"It was around 11:00 hours that they called me to inform me that Marcos Menaldo had fainted in training and they transferred him to the assistance centre where they did everything possible, but unfortunately, the death was confirmed."

Marcos Menaldo and condolences

By all accounts, Marcos Menaldo was a person everyone loved and for whom they have only words of praise.

He was a great football player, with a career ahead of him. He was one of the backbones of the team and someone everyone could rely on. Many messages of condolence have arrived around the world, and this is certainly a big shock to all those who knew him.

It is tragic that Marcos Menaldo experienced such a tragic fate in his best years (25), and it is really a question of when this news will end. The reason obviously exists, and if we do not want to hear more news like this about Marcos Menaldo, it will be necessary to take all measures and means to prevent the occurrence of such things, at least in some numbers.