Chelsea fined Romelu Lukaku 500,000 euros for a controversial interview!

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Chelsea fined Romelu Lukaku 500,000 euros for a controversial interview!

Romelu Lukaku is returning to the first team at the same time after a "productive" conversation with Thomas Tuchel After a day of storms at Stamford Bridge due to an interview that shook the spirits of Chelsea, Chelsea first kicked out Romelu Lukaku from the first team, and then decided to fine him 500,000 euros!

The reason is that Romelu Lukaku, without the club's knowledge, organized a conversation with the Italian Sky Sport, in which he said without much restraint that he was not happy at Chelsea, and the Italian newspaper la Reppublica reports that the club wanted to let everyone know that such outbursts will not be tolerated.

Romelu Lukaku is certainly not satisfied with Chelsea's decision, although if it is assumed that his annual salary is 12,000,000 euros, that means that in the end Romelu Lukaku will be left without a two-week income.

When you look at Chelsea's verdict that way, it doesn't look so terrible, but it is still a sum that few can earn for the entire working life ... Romelu Lukaku was severely hit in the pocket, but at the same time, he was returned to the first team.

The British Guardian reports that the Belgian striker had a "productive" conversation with Thomas Tuchel after a controversial interview, after which it was decided to lift the suspension. Romelu Lukaku could return to the protocol on Wednesday for the first game of the League Cup semifinals against Tottenham.

Romelu Lukaku and Tuchel

Let us remind you, Romelu Lukaku was not in the derby team with Liverpool, which is why the German was criticized by the British football public, but after such a decision he received strong support from the two most important people in the club - owner Roman Abramovich and powerful director Marina Granovskaia.

It was Abramovich's right hand that launched the initiative to cover up the scandal as soon as possible, that is, for Tuchel and Romelu Lukaku to sit at the same table, talk, and try to calm down everything. At the same time, the club hopes that Romalu Lukaku will publicly apologize for the comments he gave about Tuchel's system, the club, and the emotions sent to Inter, which drove the fans crazy.

At the moment, all the stories about Romelu Lukaku's departure this winter have fallen into the water. Chelsea does not agree to any negotiations on loans or sales, and since the whole story is over or at least going in the direction of an amicable solution, it is clear that the record boost of 115,000,000 euros will now be combined again for the first team.

T his means that Inter and Tottenham have nothing to look for or hope for ... Romelu Lukaku will probably stay at Chelsea!