Romelu Lukaku and Thomas Tuchel in a big conflict ?!

Romelu Lukaku shocked the public with his interview for Sky Sports

by Sead Dedovic
Romelu Lukaku and Thomas Tuchel in a big conflict ?!

Uncertain future for Romelu Lukaku They both have strong egos. And support that they are right. It's just a question of whether they can continue together. Romelu Lukaku has the pedigree of one of the most deadly center forwards today, Thomas Tuchel brought Chelsea to the status of European champion when few expected it, and since they openly clashed, it is clear that the future of Romelu Lukaku at Stamford Bridge is in question.

An interview with the Italian branch of Sky Sport, in which Romelu Lukaku claims that he is dissatisfied among the Blues, openly flirting with Inter, created chaos in Chelsea, which the German coach tried to alleviate by omitting Romelu Lukaku from the team in Sunday's derby with Liverpool (2: 2).

). Nobody knows what will happen next, whether it is possible to continue cooperation after all. Not even Tuchel, although he announces that he has taken steps to solve the problem. "On Monday, we will meet and decide. We'll talk about everything.

Everyone ", it is clear from the words of Thomas Tuchel that the members of the Management Board will also be at the table because things got out of control. "Romelu Lukaku is our player, there is always a way to return (to the team, op.

Cit.). We will solve everything behind closed doors, and as soon as we decide what the public will know next. " After these words of the head of the expert staff, all options are on the table. Tuchel needs a striker who scores goals (and Romelu Lukaku has been the scorer twice in the last two matches).

Tuchel also needs an environment without conflicts. Romelu Lukaku needs trust and someone to understand him. Maybe Antonio Conte, under whose baton he played the best football in his career, and that is why the British media largely assume that Lukaku could, to everyone's surprise, stay in London, but move to Tottenham.

Conte- Romelu Lukaku?

As of this morning, information has been circulating that Lukaku will insist on renewing cooperation with the Italian strategist with whom he won the Scudetto last year while they were at Inter. Conte would also like to have a proven striker, the only dilemma is what he would do with Harry Kane and whether the arrival of Romelu Lukaku would mean an open path for the English national team player for the transfer to Manchester City, which he has been insisting on since this summer.

Quite unknown. One thing is known, though. Antonio Conte made it clear to President Dani Levy that he wants to refresh the existing staff in order to be competitive in the fight for placement in the Champions League. "We must strengthen the squad.

I said that after only two weeks of work. I was sure of that decision after only ten days, but in the meantime, I have to assess when I can count and when I can't." The difference between one and the other (players) is big and that is why we have to work hard to expand the staff ", explained Antonio Conte. Romelu Lukaku could be the right solution

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