Newcastle sent an offer for Kieran Trippier

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Newcastle sent an offer for Kieran Trippier

England national player after two and a half years in Spain is close to returning home It was rumored for a month, and on January 1, 2022, it became official. Newcastle want to bring in the right-back of the English national team, Kieran Trippier.

According to the information of the British media, Atletico Madrid received an official offer for the 31-year-old football player, who arrived in Spain two and a half years ago. Madrid then paid Tottenham 22,000,000 euros, and later about 3,000,000 through bonuses.

Today, the English write, Trippier's price is more than twice lower, but it is not specified exactly how much the Magpies offer. However, despite that, Tripier can still play at a high level. Last season, the championship for Atletico, he was in the best team of Primera, but this year a lot of things do not fit in the game of Quilters, so it is expected that Diego Simeone will make certain changes in the team during the winter, and certainly in the summer.

The experienced defender has already worked with Eddie Howe, who bought him from Manchester City in 2012 as a Burnley coach after a successful loan.


Trippier will certainly be important for the team that is fighting for survival in the Premier League since Newcastle is in 19th place after only 19 rounds with only 11 points.

In addition, they have at least one, and at most three games more than direct competitors for a place above the relegation zone. The former Tottenham player recorded 11 assists in 85 matches for Atletico, and this season he is also standard with 17 appearances, 14 of which from the first minute.

Allegedly, his arrival in Newcastle would make him the best player on the team with around 14,500,000 euros per season. Although, the question is for how long because it is certain that the rich owners of the club will soon hire another sound name.

At the moment, Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona is mentioned, and it seems he is waiting for a "monstrous contract" The new owners of Newcastle do not want to wait and are aware of how difficult the situation is.

Going to the Championship would ruin many things, so they will have to do their best to stay in the league, and then strive for the biggest goals from next season. We are aware that money can change everything, so a large number of new players are expected to arrive this summer as well.