Romelu Lukaku: "Lautaro, you can stay in Milan, I'll be back there"

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Romelu Lukaku:  "Lautaro, you can stay in Milan, I'll be back there"

It hasn't happened for a long time that one athlete caused an earthquake like the one Romelu Lukaku caused in a holiday interview for Sky Sport. The Belgian shook the ground in London and Milan, considering that after the announcement, there are no indifferent people among the supporters of his previous or current club.

In the second half, Lukaku revealed that he had a call from Pep Guardiola, after the end of his first season at Inter. "In the summer of 2020, I rejected the offer of Manchester City, it was more lucrative than the one sent by Chelsea in the previous transfer window."

"I rejected the Citizens because I could not allow myself to leave Inter after only one season. Especially since the Nerazzurri saved my career, after years spent at Manchester United when I felt bad," the 28-year-old striker explained.

Lukaku stayed, led the Nerazzurri to the Scudetto, which had been waiting for 11 years. And then, to the general surprise of the public, he left. Only that Inter had the conditions to keep him? "In that case, I would definitely stay.

There is no need to discuss that topic. Conte left, then Hakimi, it was rumored that the club was in trouble. " In such circumstances ... "I went to talk to the leaders of Inter and asked for a new contract. I told them that I am 28 years old, I plan to live in Italy and I can ensure that by continuing the cooperation.

They said no." "They may not have had the economic ability to do the job. It was hard for me to accept such an answer. If the opposite had happened, if Inter could have sent my requests, then we would not have done this interview in London, but in Milan.

" Hypothetically, what would happen if Milan or Juventus knocked on your door? "I would never, ever play there. Yes, Juve tried, but when I found out that Antonio Conte will be the new Inter coach, I got a little angry with my manager, because he knew that I wouldn't go to Torinese either, considering that there is only Inter for me in Italy."

"It's always been that way. Yes, I did talk to the people from Juventus at the time when I didn't even have an offer from Meazza, but when it became clear that Conte was coming for the new Inter coach, I decided to wait for his invitation.

If I return to Serie A in the future, it will only be Nerazzurri. " Although Big Rom admits that he expected to move to a very top level. "There are three teams at the top level. These are Barcelona, ​​Real, and Bayern.

Every player dreams of playing for them, that’s true. I thought that, after Inter, I would end up in one of those environments." "What I expected did not happen and I said to myself: Now there is only one club where I can imagine myself, and that is Chelsea."


Why is the honeymoon with Inter over? "I have always been a Chelsea fan, it was my favorite team. Then, at the age of 18, I went to Stamford Bridge and it didn't work out, but I still had that mission in my head, to prove myself among the Blues."

"I experienced the return to London as a challenge. It bothered me a little that I hadn't won a Premier League title in eight years. It was difficult to turn down the chance to return to England, to the club I loved since I was a child.

" The relationship with Thomas Tuchel is definitely broken. "Given my condition, I believe that the coach can keep me in the game longer, but I respect his choice. I just have to keep working and waiting for my moment."

"Through the talks, Tuchel and I tried to find the appropriate tactical scheme that would suit us best, because the situation on the Premier League table is complicated." "He decided on one variant, I continued to train, and at some point, I will definitely talk to the coach again, so we will see what the situation is.

" If the interview started with Inter, it must end with it. "I miss Lautaro Martinez. I could have died for him on the field, we have built such a relationship from the first day we saw each other. Martinez doesn't have to come to Chelsea. No, let Lautaro stay in Milan, I will definitely come back ", concluded Romelu Lukaku. :