Jurgen Klopp: "I can't explain what happened today"

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Jurgen Klopp: "I can't explain what happened today"

Liverpool is in a big crisis. Jurgen Klopp's team tied two games without a win for the second time in the season (in the championship) Leicester celebrated with a minimal result and slowed down the Reds in the championship race.

Liverpool, like Chelsea, is now seriously lagging behind current champions Manchester City, who have escaped a six-point advantage over their closest rivals. To make things worse for the teams of Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, in the next round they will cross spears, which will be an ideal opportunity for the Citizens to move further.

Klopp is also aware of that, although tonight's party of his elected officials worries him more than the lag behind the leader. "There is a big difference in relation to City. On top of everything, we are playing the next game with Chelsea.

We had no plan to let them escape." "If we play like tonight, we should not think about catching up, but if we play like we normally do, we can win games. My only concern is to find an explanation for this tonight, and not the gap we have in relation to Man City" Klopp assured at the post-match conference.

The German expert did not hide his dissatisfaction with the game that his team showed. We played a very bad game, so it was absolutely deserved. It was a very strange game. We just weren't good enough. I didn't like a lot of things in our game tonight, so we're going to have to work better.

We should defend better." "We usually do it right, and that's why it's hard to explain why it wasn't like that today. A lot of players played below the normal level, I don't have an explanation for that.

" One of them is Mohammed Salah, by far the best football player in Liverpool this season. The Egyptian missed a penalty in the early phase of the game, however, Klopp did not want to point a finger at him.

Salah and Van Dijk

It was his only second unused penalty, the first after four years, and the game with Huddersfield in October 2017.

"I don't blame Mo at all (Salah, op. Cit.). He mostly scores from such situations." Tonight's game is the first after 34 tied in all competitions in which Liverpool did not score a goal. Virgil van Dijk also points out that the attack was especially bad this time.

"We were weak in the last third. There is no point in looking at Manchester City, Chelsea, or any other team around us, we should watch ourselves, our games, and progress." "We all wanted to be better, that's a fact.

We weren't good enough and they deserved the victory. " Despite falling behind City, the Dutchman is not giving up on the championship race. "What can I tell you? We are only in December, the season is very, very long.

Anything can happen. You have seen the situation with the coronavirus and injuries, many things can change," Van Dijk concluded.