Ralf Rangnick doesn't want unvaccinated players!

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Ralf Rangnick doesn't want unvaccinated players!

Ralf Rangnick fears the risk of being left without infected players Jurgen Klopp withdrew a similar move, and Ralf Rangnick followed the same path. The new head coach of Manchester United says that the club from Old Trafford will probably not bring in footballers who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus this January.

All of course because no one wants to risk losing important players for a few weeks. The Premier League announced last week that 16% of football players were not immunized, and numerous matches were postponed due to the spread of the pandemic.

Only Manchester United could not play games with Brentford and Brighton because of that. "Yes, I think we will think about it and I fully understand what Jurgen was talking about. It depends on whether you want to bring in a player and you risk not being able to count on him." "This is a question that clubs will have to think about seriously ...

We must be aware that we could lose these players not only for 10 days but that it could be repeated regularly during the pandemic," Rangnick told the British Telegraph. He took the Bayern star as an example. Due to the consequences of the disease, Joshua Kimmich has not played since mid-November, and when he recovered he had minor lung problems and it became clear that he would not be fit until January.


After all, he stated that he regrets that he wasn't vaccinated before. "Kimmich was extremely resilient at the beginning, but in the meantime, he realized that it was a good idea to get vaccinated. He was positive for COVID, there are still some lung problems." "He hopes to be back by Christmas.

It is a question of free will, but in football, especially at this level, we must try to convince our players to get vaccinated. " When he says "at this level", Rangnick, of course, means the huge salaries that players receive.

Too expensive investments to sit in an ambulance. Although Rangnick claims that the average of those vaccinated at United is above the Premier League average. "To be honest, I don't know which of our players received two or three vaccines.

Only our medical team can answer that, but I know that we are above the Premier League average," Rangnick concludes. Obviously, the German expert loves discipline and everything that comes with it, which is the main characteristic of great coaches, especially German