Sofiane Lokar dies on the field due to a heart attack!

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Sofiane Lokar dies on the field due to a heart attack!

Sofiane Lokoar passed away after suffering a heart attack in the middle of a second division match in Algeria between Mouloudia Said and ASM Oran. Sofiane Lokoar promised a lot in football and was a great talent. Apparently, he was a favorite in society and had big plans for the future.

Unfortunately, he has experienced the fate that young footballers have been experiencing more and more lately The locale was the captain of Mouloudia Said, and he first had a difficult collision with the goalkeeper in the 26th minute of the game, after which he returned to the game.

However, just nine minutes later, Lokoar lost consciousness and collapsed on the field. The medical teams reacted quickly, but unfortunately, his last breath was right there. According to the media, the cause of death is a heart attack, which is becoming more common among football players.

Fans have already begun to say goodbye to their captain who sailed into the waters of marriage just seven days ago. Many friends and relatives were shocked after such news and decided to express their condolences to his family on social media.

According to most of his friends, Lokar was a great man and a great friend who wanted to help in every situation. Fate determined something else and unfortunately, it ended in the worst way


Sadly, we remind you that the Omani national team player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, who died at the age of 29 as a result of a heart attack after collapsing during the warm-up before the start of the match, also passed away.

There is also a young Croatian football player Marin Cacic who died after collapsing on the field. Serbian football player Nemanja Mirosavljevic passed away a few days ago for the same reasons. There have been many similar cases in other sports, and most of the reasons were heart attacks on the field The fact is that some things are wrong and that there are obviously some big reasons why a football player dies prematurely.

Some believe that the reason is excessive physical exertion, high levels of sports, while some believe that vaccines and the consequences of COVID are the cause of death. We do not want to go into the causes of death of any of them, and now it is unfortunately too late for everyone, but it is necessary to prevent it if we do not want similar cases to occur.

Young lives are disappearing, and the question is whether things like this will happen again. Someone must react and do everything possible to prevent such cases