Mino Raiola determined to sell De Ligt in Barcelona

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Mino Raiola determined to sell De Ligt in Barcelona

The football pyramid, at the top of which sat the richest clubs in the world, began to burst slowly. Financial problems are getting bigger and more obvious, so while clubs were once racing in "arms", who will pay a player more, more expensive, now everything has really paid off.

Barcelona and Juventus once fought over Matthias de Ligt, a talented Ajax defender. Although he was "seen" at the Nou Camp, the Dutchman ended up in Turin, which was celebrated as a great victory for the Old Lady.

And, today, Juventus is looking at whether they can somehow get rid of De Ligt, whose salary has become a big burden for the black and whites. His agent Mino Raiola was looking for a place where he could "adopt" the chicken, so he turned to Barcelona again.

Catalans would also be very happy to say "yes" to this transaction, but they have nothing to pay for it. According to the Catalan Sport, Raiola informed the leaders of Barcelona that Juventus would sell De Ligt for a much smaller amount of 120,000,000 euros, which is the release clause in the contract of the Dutch defender.

The paper does not state which amount would satisfy the Italians but points out that the second and bigger obstacle to work is the salary.

Salary and Coutinho

De Ligt has an annual salary in Turin that Barcelona cannot cover, let alone increase.

The only "gymnastics" they hope for at the Nou Camp is for someone to buy Philippe Coutinho so that his salary is redirected to De Ligt, but the Spaniards have not been able to get rid of the Brazilian for years, who is one of Barca's biggest failures in the 21st century.

On the other hand, Juventus is also in financial difficulties and has to get rid of several players to find a lifeline in that. The sale of De Ligt would come as ordered because the black and whites would earn on the transfer, plus they would have the amount left in the budget for salaries.

But it's all still a long way off. The shooting of millions of previous years came as a noose around the neck of both Juve and Barça ... De Ligt played great in Ajax with whom he reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, and was on the verge of the final.

At the time, the whole of Europe was fighting for De Ligt, but Juventus was the most concrete. Yet a few years later, De Ligt did not show what was expected of him and is likely to change the environment soon