Ralf Rangnick brought a psychologist to Manchester United!

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Ralf Rangnick brought a psychologist to Manchester United!

So far, only two games, but also two victories. Enough to lift the mood among Manchester United fans who are entering the rest of the season stronger for - psychologists. The new coach Ralf Rangnick strengthened the professional staff of Sascha Lense, with whom he worked for three years in RB Leipzig while raising the German club to the level of participants in the Champions League.

"Every club has different experts, from the goalkeeping coach, through the fitness coach, the expert for players by position, defense, midfield or attack." "In some environments, the expert team is larger than the number of players.

And if it is considered that the head, ie the brain of a football player, is the most relevant, it is quite logical that you have the best people from that profession among your associates" "Their job is to help players think in the right direction, not the wrong way.

In order for football players to develop, the brain must help the body to compete at the highest level, "Rangnick explained the need to expand the team of associates. His predecessor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not have a psychologist.

Moreover, the psychologist was not at Old Trafford in the era after Sir Alex Ferguson, perhaps because the question is how the players would react to his appearance, although Rangnick explains that the "doctor for the head" could be a friend to the players.


"This is just a part of the puzzle that is important to every club, and Manchester United is one of the biggest in the world and it is completely understandable that it has the best people in every position."

"Players at this level are under constant pressure, occasionally they just need someone to talk to, and that doesn't always have to be a coach. Let them know that there is someone neutral at their disposal, whom they can turn to in any situation.

Sometimes to help them, and sometimes to just listen to them. " Apart from working in Leipzig, Sascha Lense was also engaged in Dynamo from Dresden and Schalke. "In Germany, we had the case of Robert Enke who killed himself while he was a national team goalkeeper.

If you look at all the aspects, it is important that the psychologist is in the professional staff." "Sascha will watch all the training, he will be at every meeting and the players will be able to talk to him whenever they want.

They are not obliged, nor can anyone force them, but it is important that they know who to turn to." "Sascha is smart, a kind man, top in his job, and the footballers will find out soon, if they haven't already, "added Ralf Rangnick, the chief of staff of Manchester United.