One of the best competitions starts today: the Bundesliga

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One of the best competitions starts today: the Bundesliga

It is not as rich as the Premiership and it will never be. They don't have the power of Primera and thet probably won't have it. Fans of Calccio will say that they are far from his taste. And it probably is. And again - the excitement reaches its peak, one of the most exciting leagues in Europe returns!

After a full seven years, the Bundesliga have the European champions and for the first time in their century, the best club in the Old Continent according to UEFA's ranking lists. Bayern as such moves for the ninth tied crown as the absolute favorite.

Everything except the triumph of the Bavarians will be considered a miracle of world proportions, and that fact probably deters many football fanatics from the German championship. But that is why the fight for the remaining three places leading to the Champions League could never be more exciting.

Dortmund leads in that second echelon, while all other candidates for the top of the table are qualitatively balanced. Especially after Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig were left without the best players.

Kai Havertz and Timo Werner are the biggest summer loss of the Bundeliga.

For two years now, the two of them have been known as the biggest stars in Germany, along with Robert Lewandowski and Jaydon Sancho.

If anyone loses terribly because of the corona crisis, then it is German clubs. Although the authorities in the previous days, in agreement with epidemiologists and experts, allowed the gradual return of the audience to the stadiums (for a start, 20% of the capacity), the famous ambience in the stands across the country will be absent.

That is why some of the biggest fan groups in Germany will not go to matches in an organized manner, not wanting to spoil the image of the famous Fußballkultur. The crown is the reason for the break of another tradition in German football.

For the first time since the Bundesliga exists, there will be no winter breaks in December and January ...

Sane: Biggest star

According to tradition, the Germans did not waste money. They spent about 255,000,000 euros on new players, which is less than 15,000,000 per club.

Only Bayern brought a player with the pedigree of a serious star - Leroy Sane. The Bundes, therefore, remains what it was and in what it has been at the forefront of the French Ligue 1 for several years now - an extraordinary development league full of pearls ready to shine.

Unhindered in development, free to show all their talent, on the field in big games already at the age of 17 or 18. The Bundes has no equal in this.