Antonio Conte furious at UEFA: "They are not fair"

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Antonio Conte furious at UEFA: "They are not fair"

Tottenham is one of the main favorites to win the Conference League, and in the newly formed competition, they did not even reach the knockout phase. UEFA announced yesterday that the match of the last round of the group stage in which Tottenham players did not appear - a large number of players and members of the professional staff were infected with the corona virus - registered with a score of 3: 0 for Rennes, which led to the elimination of Tottenham from the European competition.

The London club is indignant, they are convinced that they are damaged and that the decision is not fair. The public is divided, and Antonio Conte is really furious. The Italian expert cannot come to terms with the fact - or just wants to present to the fans - that his team's participation in Europe is over.

The European House of Football had no ear for Tottenham's problem. They pulled the trigger. Injustice, that's it! Calimero syndrome on the new White Hart Lane. "UEFA made an incredible decision, an unfair decision.

The whole world knows that we have faced a big problem, such as the corona virus." "It is not our fault that the game was not played, we simply had a lot of infected players and the Government decided to close our training center.

Honestly, for me, the players, Tottenham and our fans, it is an incredible decision. It's not fair, "said Antonio Conte

Conte is angry

Conte is angry because the Singers were eliminated at the green table. "We deserve to show what we can do on the field.

I am very disappointed with UEFA's decision. I hope that something will change in the next step, because we deserve to play that match." The Tottenham coach hopes that UEFA's decision could fall, that it will be changed, and that the London team will get the opportunity to fight for the European spring.

"There is another step… This is not a definite decision, it is not over yet. UEFA made a decision, but that decision has yet to be confirmed, to be final." "I will repeat once again - I am very disappointed.

This means that someone did not know what problems we had, or maybe someone has a personal interest in being like this, "Conte expressed doubt. We will see if there will be any changes, although the chances of UEFA changing its mind are slim.

Although this competition is not very popular, it is certainly important for Tottenham, since no one is running away from the prize money.