Young Croatian football player in a coma after a collapse in training!


Young Croatian football player in a coma after a collapse in training!

Is the vaccine the biggest problem that causes today's athletes to have heart problems or the reason is "excessive" training, certain stimulations, or something else? We still do not have an answer to such a question, but there are certain assumptions and opinions of various experts who are trying to find out what the biggest problem is.

Lately, a large number of athletes have complained of fatigue, heart problems, or problems of some other nature. Of course, such things have always existed, but some believe that the main reason for such problems is vaccines.

A new case happened in Croatia. It is about a young Croatian football player Marin Čačić (23) who plays in "NK Nehaj Sinj", a club from the lower rank of Croatian football. Čačić collapsed on the field during the training, and apparently the reason are heart problems.

After all, Čačić was urgently transferred to the hospital currently he is in a coma. No other details are known yet, but hopefully the young footballer will get out of this situation and recover.

NK Nehaj post

NK Nehaj also posted on social networks, and sent a clear message on Facebook: "Marin, Senj and your Nehaj are with you !!!

Just figh, because you only know that way!! I know very well that there is no difference between training and a game to you, but add gas to this" game "and win !!!" Apparently, the majority believes that the reason for the increasing collapse of football players is the vaccine against COVID.

There have been many cases in the world of sports lately, but we still do not want to enter other spheres, and we still hope that in the end this story will end in a positive way. One of the admins on the club's website decided to respond to people who had various theories as the reason for this outcome: "Hello, please do not write or discuss any comments about Covid on this page.

At the moment this is the least important and all such comments will be removed!" "This is my personal page and I have nothing against your personal opinion, but please do not use my page for discussions and your personal views." "This is a page that follows the events in NK Nehaj, and unfortunately one of them is this one related to our player.

Thank you! Admin " It is unfortunate that such situations happen from month to month, and we hope that we will have as few such cases as possible.