Leonardo revealed PSG's plans for the future

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Leonardo revealed PSG's plans for the future

"We have great chances for an unforgettable season," says the director of PSG When Manchester United were looking for a new manager, Mauricio Pochettino was "seen" on the Red Devils' bench. At least that's how the rumors on both sides went The reasons why the Argentine would leave Paris Saint-Germain have multiplied, from the conflict with Messi, the lack of pressure, to the insufficiently good games and results of the Saints.

It was also a "done deal" that Zinedine Zidane would take his place when he left for United. In the end of it all - nothing. Rangnick went to Manchester, Pochettino stayed in Paris, and Zinedine at the labor office.

PSG sports director Leonardo said in an interview with French media that the club never had any contact with Zidane and that all these were stories without any basis. Just like the ones that Pochettino wants to leave Prince's Park.

"Pochettino came a year ago when we had problems. We told him that we needed him to solve those problems and that we had time and patience for him." "He eliminated Barcelona and Bayern in the Champions League, we lost in the semifinals to City.

Then summer came and we did what we did: we started the season with a great team ", Leonardo began the story. Although the team does not play in accordance with all the individual qualities at its disposal, PSG have patience.

"Creating success with this team is not easy, nor is giving everyone a chance. We need time, we are creating something important and we are approaching January with a great chance to make an unforgettable season."

"We never contacted Zidane, after Tuchel we only talked to Pochettino. "


As things stand, PSG will be left without Kylian Mbappe, whose contract expires in June. Although the club still hopes to convince him to stay.

"We can say that there was a period when we entered the talks on extending cooperation with more enthusiasm, but it is all part of building relationships." "Everyone knows we want to keep Kylian for as long as we can.

We have direct conversations with his parents, so if he wants to stay - he will stay. "We still have a chance to convince him of that, I believe in him," Leonardo said. However, the chances of such an outcome are small.

Mbappe has been connected with Real Madrid for a long time and the only question is when he will leave PSG and arrive in Madrid. Mbappe himself has spoken many times directly about how Real Madrid is his wish. That wish should come true next summer