Tottenham eliminated from the Conference League

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Tottenham eliminated from the Conference League

One favorite less in the fight for the cup of the first edition of the League of Conferences. When the competition was formed, Tottenham was among the main candidates to win the cup in the final next May, but the Premier League team ended its European adventure before the new year.

UEFA registered the final match of Group G 3: 0 in favor of Rennes, awarded the victory to the French representative at the green table and thus directly influenced the elimination of the club from London. Many were surprised by this news Tottenham was supposed to play against Rennes on December 9, but withdrew from the match due to a large number of players and members of the professional staff infected with the corona virus.

In England, the corona virus situation is very critical at the moment, and many teams are in big trouble when it comes to players. The question is whether the corona virus will cost other clubs in England, not just Tottenham.

Eventually, many competitions could be stopped just like 2 seasons ago if the virus appears in other countries and creates negative consequences. That is why they gave up the match the night before the duel and then stated that they did it in consultation with the people from UEFA.

In the meantime, they interpreted the rules in Nyon and finally ruled against the English, believing that they should have appeared on the field, because they certainly had a sufficient number of players to start the game.

This epilogue did not affect Rennes, considering that they secured the first place in the group even before the last round, but that is why they pushed Vitesse.

Antonio Conte is not upset

The Dutch club defeated Mura in Arnhem 12 days ago, and after the defeat of Tottenham with the result decied on the green table they finish as the second, they continue the competition, so its rival in the sixteenth final will be Rapid from Vienna.

Coach Antonio Conte is unlikely to be upset about that. Anyway, Tottenham's calendar is overcrowded, they did not play with Brighton or Leicester in the Premier League, and placement in the Champions League is the main, possibly secondary goal of the Europa League.

League conference hardly interested them. Certainly Tottenham's decision is strange and something we have almost never seen. Whether the London team wanted to avoid the "embarrassment" or whether such a competition really means nothing to them, and yet they focused on the Premier League, we still do not know.

Tottenham obviously have a lot of positive cases, and we hope that the players will recover as soon as possible and return to the field. In the Premier League, they still have a chance for the Champions League, and the season is long, but scenarios like coronavirus are not in their favor.