Jack Grealish is not happy with his form

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Jack Grealish is not happy with his form

Pep Guardiola, as we have become accustomed to in previous years, did not have too many requests for the Manchester City sports sector this summer. He asked for the striker, a proven center forward, to ruthlessly end the actions of his team, but he did not get it.

Instead of a striker- read Harry Kane - for consolation he received the most expensive reinforcement in the history of British football. Only after four and a half months, Jack Grealish is nowhere near justifying the epithet he carries.

Moreover, we would not be wrong to call him a disappointment based on what we have seen so far. It was expected that Greallish, after two seasons in which he practically left Aston Villa alone, would fit into Pep Guardiola's machinery without any major problems.

The impression, however, is that he is stil looking for his old form. In 20 games in all competitions this season, three goals and as many assists. City's number ten admits that he expected more. "When I came here, I watched my goals and assists from last season.

I thought that by coming to City, the best club in England, with the best players, I would participate in 20 or 30 goals, but that was not the case at all." "In fact, I struggled. with goals and assists, "Grealish admits on the BBC show.

Most expensive transfer

The figure of 117,500,000 euros, as much as City paid to Aston Villa to make Grealish the most expensive English footballer ever and the most expensive reinforcement in the history of British football, creates additional pressure on him.

"Especially because of the money paid for me, as soon as you don't score goals and assists for a while, people start talking and doubting you. Then you just have to believe in your abilities." Judging by his words, he has no doubts about his coach's ability.

As he says, he is fascinated by the way Guardiola prepares matches. "The number of games we have won this season because of his tactics is incredible. The craziest thing he does is that he has a different plan for each game."

"Many coaches stick to the same tactics regardless of the opponent they play against, but with Guardiola the situation is quite the opposite. ", Grealish emphasizes. There are many factors that play a role in bigger clubs, and those are: more responsibility, more pressure and more competition. Whether Grealish can cope with all the previous factors remains to be seen ...