Kylian Mbappe: "I admire Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal"

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Kylian Mbappe: "I admire Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal"

Kylian Mbappe is no longer a young talent, but he is now an established star of the world soccer scene. The PSG player, together with Lionel Messi and the Brazilian Neymar, forms the largest trident in the world and after winning the World Cup two years ago in Russia 2018 has now reached more and more acclaim.

During a recent interview with Paris Match, Mbappe talked about his passions and said that, in addition to soccer, he also closely follows the world of basketball and tennis. In addition to this Mbappe stated that he particularly admires in the world of tennis Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, tennis players with whom he has entertained to talk in the past on some occasions where he had found himself seeing Roland Garros.

Here are his words: "Idols? I haven't had idols for a while, but I still like and admire those who have marked the history of sport, even in other disciplines. I know what their deeds represent, especially in terms of sacrifice and effort.

I like them both because they have been able to stay at the top for several years and not everyone has such consistency." Twenty-time Grand Slam title winner Rafael Nadal had also previously had praise for French star Mbappe in April.

Rafa is a huge fan of Real Madrid, what some say is the probable next team of the French champion. In fact, during an interview in April Nadal declared: "Who would I want at Real? Well, to be honest, I would like both Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe."

In the past even Roger Federer (football fan but not like Rafael Nadal) had nice words for the young French talent: "I like his speed and his attitude. Besides that I like watching him play and he seems a very nice guy."

Federer is currently stationary with a foot injury while Rafa is playing an exhibition, the first before his final return to the Tour.

Juan Martin Del Potro consoles Sergio Agüero

There are stories of extraordinary, beautiful sports, filled with immeasurable joy.

At the same time, however, there are those that instead have a bitter, sad side, like that of Sergio Agüero. The well-known Argentine soccer player, known as El Kun, due to his resemblance to the Japanese anime Kum Kum the caveman, yesterday announced his retirement to the sport that has seen him achieve many great successes and to which he has made a huge contribution.

A forced farewell for the 33-year-old from Buenos Aires, who on 30 October fell ill in the 42nd minute of the Liga match (top Spanish football league) between his Barcelona and Alaves. The attacker felt a pang in his heart and immediately alerted the medical staff of the Blaugrana team, leaving the pitch.

Subsequently, the diagnostic tests revealed an arrhythmia from which he should have recovered within three months, but he did not. And this is how ten days ago, in concert with the doctors who were treating him, he was forced to make the most difficult decision: to interrupt his career as a professional footballer.

Rivers of messages flow on social media to show closeness to Agüero, who also receives solidarity from well-known personalities from other sports such as tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro. Very often famous sportsmen have the opportunity to meet and make friends, even if they practice different activities.

This is the case of Juan Martin Del Potro and Sergio Agüero, both Argentines and both born in 1988. And above all both struggling with a delicate phase of their private and professional life. The player has had the worst fate, but even The Tower of Tandil as the tennis player is called has not been doing well for a long time and works hard day by day to try to get back on the pitch. This is the dedication on social media to the now former striker, without written words but full of emotion.