Barcelona will be indebted in order to sign Erling Haaland

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Barcelona will be indebted in order to sign Erling Haaland

When he agreed on a loan worth almost 600,000,000 euros in the Goldman Sachs bank this summer, Joan Laporta claimed that he was doing it to repair the damage done during the disastrous presidential term of his predecessor, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

As time passes, Barcelona is increasingly threatening to become a slave to banks and investment funds, that is, money injections for which it is not known whether they will be able to return. The news that Joan Laporta and Mino Raiola met in Turin to discuss the possible transfer of Erling Haaland to the summer has been continued.

The Iberian Peninsula echoes the details of Laporta's plan to get a big signature that would start a new era of a club whose debts are accumulating every day. Namely, the president of Barcelona is willing to take a new loan, this time for the amount needed to complete Haaland's transfer.

That is roughly around 170,000,000 euros, with all the compensation, signature bonuses and commissions to Raiola and Haaland's father. Catalan Sport writes that several investment funds, mostly American, have shown great interest in entering into a deal with Barcelona, ​​under the pretext of "helping the club's financial recovery", which in practice can be a double-edged sword.

Let us remind you, That money was planned to be used during Bartomeu's tenure for his megalomaniac project Espai Barça, which was to renovate the entire Camp Nou stadium and turn it into one of the most modern football facilities in the world, plus to make the whole complex a sports city with Barcelona stamp.

Laporta soon changed his purpose after the March elections, as Barcelona's debts have long exceeded one billion euros.

American CVC

One of the investment funds with which Barcelona could agree on a new financial injection is the American CVC, who raised a lot of dust in Spain and the football world this summer after the decision to buy 8.2 percent of shares in La Liga's commercial rights for over two billion euros.

That guarantees part of the earnings for the next 50 years. Interestingly, Barcelona is one of the clubs that has been against this agreement from the beginning, but that does not seem to stop club leaders from thinking about another type of business with CVC.

As for Haaland's eventual arrival, he allegedly set one condition for Barcelona's transfer to the summer, and that is for the team to be a participant in the Champions League. The strong Norwegian is Real Madrid's first target together with Kylian Mbappe and it is no secret that his desire is to borrow Blancos' jersey, but in his close circle there is a belief that Haaland could be the bearer of a new wave that would return the club to the top of Europe and the world football. Especially since the contact between Raiola and Laporte was positive.