Barcelona wants to save money: Supertalent Demir will rest for 6 weeks

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Barcelona wants to save money: Supertalent Demir will rest for 6 weeks

Five reinforcements without compensation, resale of "freshly" bought football players, a lot of loaned in order to relieve the payment budget and, above all, the loss of the most valuable player as the best proof of the current situation at the Nou Camp.

Barcelona did business in accordance with the possibilities this summer, and they will continue to do so in the following period, until they iron out its financial books. In support of that, the information of the German Sky about the plans of the Catalan club for the next transfer period.

Namely, Barcelona will "remove" Yusuf Demir for a month and a half in order to save 10,000,000 euros for the upcoming winter market. What is it all about? When concluding an agreement with the Rapid Vienna regarding the loan of the Austrian supertalent, Barcelona introduced the option of buying his contract for 10,000,000 euros this summer.

However, that release clause would become mandatory the moment the 18-year-old winger makes his tenth appearance for the Catalan bench. And, Demir has already played nine games so far this season. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, needs money for the planned reinforcements in the winter transfer window - there is a lot of speculation about the transfer of Ferran Torres - so according to the information, they would rather set aside the mentioned amount for the Austrian offensive from the budget for next summer.

Release clause

Therefore, Demir, reports German Sky, in the next six weeks, ie until the January transfer window closes, will not "see the field" in the official match, which is not ideal for the development of a young, completely healthy and physically ready player.

At the same time, Barcelona did not "use" the previous nine of his performances in the right way. In the victories over Levante and Espanyol, he got nine and two minutes, respectively, in the recent debacle from Bayern, he entered without any need four minutes before the end.

In any case, the release clause will remain in force, with the proviso that he will have to wait for activation at least until the beginning of February, and the transfer will be made official next summer. All in order for Barcelona to have as much money as possible in January.

Barca is trying to save itself in various ways, and to try to bring adequate reinforcements, but they are aware that the situation has never been more difficult. We'll see if they can be saved