Champions League: serious mistakes in the draw, what happend

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Champions League: serious mistakes in the draw, what happend
Champions League: serious mistakes in the draw, what happend (Provided by Sport World News)

Things never seen at the 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League round of 16 draw in Nyon! A sensational mistake during the draw forced the organizers of the ceremony to start over after an hour. UEFA was forced to repeat the Champions League draw procedure due to a glaring mistake in the match of the balls, when Manchester United was picked up as Villarreal's challenger, a pairing not possible, given that the two teams were part of the same group.

The English were not included among the possible challengers of Atletico Madrid, which had touched Bayern Munich. For this the Spaniards appealed and UEFA had to cancel the first draw. UEFA tweeted: "Following a technical problem with an external vendor's software indicating which teams cannot play against each other there has been a clerical error in the Champions League draw.

As a result, the draw has been declared void and will be in full redone." Michael Heselschwerdt, Uefa's Head of Club Competitions, also includes Manchester United in the urn and former Arsenal player Andrej Arshavin picks up the English.

The images then show that the Manchester United ball was forgotten during the formation of the bowl of potential Atletico Madrid opponents. The latter, in turn, therefore had more chances of catching the dreaded Bayern Munich, as it later happened.

Uefa member Evelina Christillin said: "It happened that a ball landed where it shouldn't have ended up, there was a big mess, there was the famous 'black swan', that is to say a human error, not had never happened in history.

In the name of UEFA, I too sprinkle my head with ashes and we will redo these draws. " Here are the round of 16: Sporting vs Manchester City
PSG vs Real Madrid
RB Salzburg vs Bayern Munich
Inter vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Lille
Villareal vs Juventus
Benfica vs Ajax
Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

Arthur's agent "The Brazilian can leave Juventus in January"

Federico Pastorello, agent of Juventus soccer player Arthur and Federico Bernardeschi, talked about the future of his players.

The agent of the two Juventus soccer players said in an interview with Tuttosport: "Arthur was chosen for Sarri and let's say that he has characteristics, including physical ones, that do not go along well with Allegri's football.

In Turin they are happy with Arthur and how he restarted after the surgery, but keeping a player of this level on the bench is a shame. as long as you play. For January we are not ruling out anything: Spain, but also Italy or England." About Bernardeschi, he added: "There has always been a special chemistry with Federico, sooner or later it had to happen.

In addition to being a European champion, he is a boy with great depth of soul and attributes: just think of the penalties kicked at Euro 2020. He is a top professional: he takes care of nutrition and sleep in a maniacal way like Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he had a good relationship.

For the future we have a clear plan of action. We also evaluate the stay at Juventus, let's not forget that Federico strongly wanted the Bianconeri when he was at Fiorentina and he put his face in the first person. For now there have been no contacts with Juve, we'll see."

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