Re-draw: Real Madrid was unlucky, Chelsea against Lille

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Re-draw: Real Madrid was unlucky, Chelsea against Lille

Inter lost. Chelsea is a child of happiness Uefa doesn't remember anything like this. An unprecedented scandal and a repeated draw for the eighth finals of the Champions League due to an alleged technical software error, which is only a diplomatic way for Uefa to hide its own guilt, will undoubtedly provoke heated controversy.

Because while on the one hand, the biggest winners in the repeated draw were probably Atletico and Bayern, the one who lost the most is Real Madrid, and that will surely infuriate the boss Florentino Perez. Bayern is the biggest winner because they drew Salzburg instead of Atletico.

Atletico because they got Manchester United instead of Bayern, and the draw was repeated on the complaint of Madrid, under the pretext that the Spaniards were denied the right to get the stumbled giant from Old Trafford.

Certainly, it was sweeter for Atletico Madrid to play with United than with Bayern. Someone must have had a bad time with everything, and in the end it was Real, who first got Benfica, and now - Paris Saint-Germain. And that is after Uefa rejected the appeal of the Royal Club to confirm the first part of the "original" draw, because Real was lucky and they should've played against - Benfica.

The leaders of Primera demanded that the pair stay in power, instead they got the toughest possible rival in the draw.

Real Madrid

It can also be said that Real returned to the fact that, along with Juventus and Barcelona, ​​they were the most vocal advocate of establishing a closed Super League, which is why Florentino Perez entered into an open conflict with Uefa.

So it thunders from Madrid, although Real is not the only loser in the repeated draw. For example, Inter drew Ajax in the first draw, which plays great and there is no dispute, but it is certainly a more desirable opponent than Liverpool, which in the end fell to the Nerazzurri.

Manchester City probably didn't care whether they played against Villarreal or Sporting, and Juventus won't complain that they got the Yellow Submarine instead of the Lisbon Lions, while Chelsea somehow deserved all the luck in the world, so on both occasions they pulled out for Lille, of course the weakest possible opponent.

The last pair will be made up of two clubs with a glorious history, Benfica and Ajax, and both are probably satisfied, because they first got"Real, ie Inter. These are exciting matches, and the biggest focus will be on the Real Madrid-PSG match, although other matches are very interesting.