Dortmund's big win: Karim Adeyemi arrives in Westfalen

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Dortmund's big win: Karim Adeyemi arrives in Westfalen

German Bild brings a great exclusive: Borussia Dortmund has won another battle for top talent! Karim Adeyemi19), the new member of the German national team, has attracted a lot of attention in the last year by providing great games in the jersey of Salzburg, Austria.

It is therefore not surprising that many rich clubs - including Bayern, Barcelona, ​​RB Leipzig, Liverpool - are asking about him- however, Borussia managed to win thanks to the reputation that accompanies it in the so-called "pearl grinding"

According to the best-selling tabloid in Europe, the leaders of Dortmund led by Hans Joachim Watzke managed to convince the young striker that it is best for his development to come to the club where he will be the first striker (allegedly there is a five-year contract in principle), and as it is expected that Haaland is leaving Westphalia in the summer, that status would be practically guaranteed to Adeyemi.

This means that the former Bayern player (in the younger selections) would remain in the ranks of the Austrian champions until June, in order to have continuity, but that does not mean that Borussia will do better financially.


The guy has a contract until 2024, and they do not intend to lower the price in Salzburg. And when it comes to that topic, the situation is as follows: his market value is 20,000,000 euros; they thought at one point in Dortmund that they could get Adeyemi for that money, but soon signals arrived that won't happen and then they realized that they had to seriously "add gas"

There is no final agreement between the two clubs yet, but it is very close, Bild writes. In order to prevent competition, Borussia put forward a challenging proposal right before Salzburg - 35,000,000. The Austrians are in no hurry and will try to raise the price a little more - there is speculation up to 40,000,000 - but in principle, they would be ready to get the mentioned difference through bonuses.

"It's no secret that we want him," Millionaire's sports director Michael Zorc said recently. "I'm really not surprised that so many clubs want him. I hope we can win that tough race." The fact that it will almost certainly be the most expensive transfer in the history of the club shows how much the Borussia bosses believe in Adeyemi and his potential.

Or as expensive as that of Ousmane Dembele from Rennes - about 35,000,000. So if it pays off at least half as much as Dembele (went to Barça for 135,000,000) there will be no winter for Dortmund.