Xavi Hernandez: "Europa League is our reality at the moment"

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Xavi Hernandez: "Europa League is our reality at the moment"

Miracles happen, but not in Munich. And for that to happen, you have to earn them. Barcelona did not show it in any way. That is why, for the first time since the 2003/2004 season they will play in the Europa League, and the Catalans have no choice but to regroup, because for the first time since the 2000/2001 season.

they did not pass the Champions League group, which says a lot about the Blaugrana. Even if the leading people of Barcelona thought that Xavi Hernandez had a magic wand with which he would transform overnight by shooting at all the seams, and Barcelona would play football - they were grossly mistaken.

It doesn't just happen ... The legendary midfielder realized the problems he has after the first failure in the championship, this one at the Allianz Arena caused by the elimination from the Champions League is much bigger.

"Today they were better, superior. We tried, we pressed them hard. In the first part, they had more than a game and they subdued us. This is our harsh reality. " "A new stage begins today. We must be more demanding of ourselves, have higher expectations.

This defeat could be our turning point and an opportunity to change many things," Xavi said.

Europa League

Xavi was brought before the final act. He could not change much, but the impression is that Bayern was playing with Barcelona again and that it was a matter of time and desire when and how many goals they would score.

The young coach will have the problems over his head. It is crystal clear to the head of the Blaugrana profession what Barcelona's quality is at the moment. The competition in which they finished - the Europa League. "We will face reality and be dignified.

We will work to bring Barcelona to the level we deserve to be, and that is not the Europa League. However, the Europa League is our reality at the moment. We need to come to terms with that fact. " The Barcelona coach is not running away from responsibility.

"Various circumstances have led to this tonight. I take responsibility. I thought we could get through, but we didn't. I repeat we will work hard to put Barcelona where we deserve to be. " Xavi was direct: winning the Europa League is what everyone at the Nou Camp is expecting now. "We have to try to win the Europa League. That is our goal ", concluded Xavi.