Sergio Reguilon wanted by Tottenham

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Sergio Reguilon wanted by Tottenham

The biggest jobs in the world of football sometimes happen by accident. Two years ago, Juventus did not plan to bring Cristiano Ronaldo, however, when during the negotiations for the signing of Joao Cancelo, agent Georges Mendes suggested that he could afford a far more famous and better Portuguese, the door of the transfer opened.

Something similar could happen at the end of the transfer window on the Madrid-London route, since Tottenham asked about Sergio Reguilon, and in the end he could end up on the new White Hart Lane - Gareth Bale!

That they are working on the sensational return of the Welshman was announced by his manager Jonathan Barnett, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

As the Spurs fans waited for news from Spain about the hiring of the left back, their eyes sparkled at the mention of the winger. "Garrett still loves Tottenham. It’s a club he wants to play for. We are negotiating ...

", said Barnet, who previously claimed that his client would definitely stay in Madrid until the expiration of his contract, but as Zinedine Zidane does not count on him, and the Welshman is not really interested in spending another season on the bench or in the stands , the job is as possible as possible.

According to English sources, Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho gave the green light for the realization of the transfer, because in that case, in the attack, he would have a great trilling Son-Kane-Bale and now the only question remains how the whole operation will be reported.

Since Real is not counting on Bale, it is realistic to expect them to let him go. Three scenarios are in circulation. One implies a loan during which the new champion of Spain and the English club would share the costs of the mammoth salary (around 17,000,000 euros per season) and something like that seems a realistic outcome.

The second is a little harder, mentioning the possibility of Tottenham paying the Royal Club around 20,000,000 euros in compensation and making Gareth Bale the team's highest paid player, with a lower income than he currently has, but certainly higher than Harry Kane, who currently earns a little more of 11,000,000 euros.

As soon as they heard about the possibility of hiring Gareth Bale - more precisely, his return to the club where he fully affirmed himself - they came up with a third option at Tottenham.

Dele Alli to Real?

The least realistic, but let's just mention how the story turned out that Dele Alli could join Real.

The English national team player would probably lose his place in the team with the arrival of Bale, and the leaders of the club offer Madrid an exchange based on the "player for player" principle, with a possible additional payment, although the question is whether Zidane needs Alli.

What seems far more certain is the transfer of Sergio Regilon.

The left back, the winner of the Europa League with Sevilla, is one step closer to promotion to the fourth reinforcement of Tottenham this summer (after Hart, Hoyberg and Doerty). Reguilon has been wanted by Sevilla, but they did not have the funds that Real asked for, then the 23-year-old player was targeted by Manchester United, but the Red Devils did not agree to a return clause according to which Real would have the opportunity to buy him at a fixed price.

The agreement is as follows: 30,000,000 euros and a return clause. Both the player and the club have agreed to the transfer, just waiting for the paperwork to be completed, so that Regilon becomes a Tottenham player. Gareth Bale will return to London immediately after him.