Leo Messi and his clan are boycotting Mauricio Pochettino

Leo "doubts the tactical insight of his countryman and how he assessed that his tactics are too restrictive"

by Sead Dedovic
Leo Messi and his clan are boycotting Mauricio Pochettino

In League 1, they hold a solid first place with 11 points more than the first runner-up. They passed the Champions League group relatively easily. This summer, they officially brought the best player in the world (Lionel Messi), along with the first goalkeeper of the European Championship (Gianluigi Donnarumma), and one of the most productive defenders of today (Achraf Hakimi) arrived.

At first glance, the "ideal" situation. However, behind the scenes, problems, and intrigue. Even clans, as the French L'Equipe writes. The reason - Mauricio Pochettino! Dissatisfaction with the work of the Argentine expert has been growing practically since he sat on the bench of one of the most ambitious clubs in the world because according to many, the successor of Thomas Tuchel managed to make a game that will have "sufficient attractiveness".

It has undoubtedly grown in recent months, as it turned out that the deadly trio Messi-Neymar-Mbappe can not click, and the fact that the Parisians in the last two meetings against Nice (0: 0) and Lens (1: 1) seemed really bad, and that the only rival from the "TOP" category (Manchester City) outplayed them two weeks ago, only returned the topic of "Pochettino" to the front pages.

Now, of course, with additional spicy details. Thus, L'Equipe states that there is a serious suspicion that some kind of initiative for Pochettino removal is led by Messi's clan in the club, without stating who all belong to that alleged clan.

Leo Messi and the public

It is also said that Leo "doubts the tactical insight of his countryman and how he assessed that his tactics are too restrictive". There is no doubt that Messi is dissatisfied with his performance (only one goal in the league in nine games) and that the weakest figures in his career are influenced by the fact that Pochettino has not yet found the right wire for the three biggest stars, but (according to many) the root of the problem lies in that substitution in the 76th minute of the derby against Lyon when Leo left the field refusing to give a hand to the coach.

When it comes to the public, apart from the basic objection (non-functionality of impact trilling), Pochettino is accused of not crystallizing the starting and best 11 (only twice assembled the same team since the beginning of the season) and that PSG do not have the ability to go through a deadly counter, this spring in a duel against Bayern) make the most of his greatest quality.

And that's not the end. Sources close to the club that L'Equipe came across the state that Pochettino lost credit to a large number of players due to his too "soft approach". The text of the French newspaper also states that the former Tottenham manager avoids any kind of conflict and that he allows too many to his players, despite their poor form.

"In the early stages of Pochettino tenure, the team's biggest stars had only words of praise for him, they spoke kindly and lovingly. It was the complete opposite of their relationship with Thomas Tuchel. But obviously, there should be moderation in everything."

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