Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is looking for a way out of the crisis

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is looking for a way out of the crisis

Ahead of the clash between Everton and Arsenal (21.00), which will end the 15th round of the Premier League, the media attention in England was occupied by the following question: Where did Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's self-confidence disappear and will Mikel Arteta decide to leave his captain on the bench? Since the start of last season, the Gabonese has mostly not had the body language of a player capable of scoring 20+ goals in a season.

It seemed that the current one could have the label of rebirth when Arsenal started to win, and Aubameyang scored four in six matches and assisted for one goal. However, since the clash with Leicester, the former Dortmund striker is fasting, but not only does he not score goals, but he misses the goals and misses chances.

A video of his miss against Newcastle has traveled the world, with legendary Arsenal striker Ian Wright characterizing it as "unforgivable". Then Thierry Henry spoke out after Arteta took Aubameyang out of the game 11 minutes before the end of the derby at Old Trafford when Arsenal chased the gap of 3: 2.

"Aubameyang is your captain, your goal scorer. You give him a captain armband, 15 minutes before the end you lose 3: 2 away, you need a goal and you substitute a man who should be your symbol on the field." "You know he can score a goal.

There's something wrong with that," Henry said.

Everton game

Aubameyang had five shots on the goal in a duel with the Red Devils, but his performance at the Old Trafford was far from convincing. At the same time, the numbers from the start of the season speak for themselves - missed penalties against Aston Villa (scored a goal after the goalkeeper made a save) and Watford, ie the fact that in 90 minutes on the field he had only one shot on average.

These are not the numbers that the leader of the team that dreams of the Champions League should have, and Aubameyang did not have too much credit left before he leaves the starting lineup. With or without Aubameyang from the first minute, the Gunners have the imperative in their head to win three points at Goodison, and such an outcome of the situation would position them only one point behind the Champions League zone.

Apart from the victory over Tottenham, Arsenal have lost all matches this season against big clubs such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United. Luckily for the London club, Everton do not belong to the big six, and looking at the Caramel form of eight matches without a win, everything except Arsenal's win over Goodison would be quite a surprise.