French footballer Frederic Lartillot collapses after game, dies

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French footballer Frederic Lartillot collapses after game, dies

French footballer Frederic Lartillot collapsed in the changing room and passed away due to the heart attack. Lartillot took part in a friendly game, that was played between veterans of Nurieux - Volognat. Collapsing on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest happened many times this year.

Unfortunately, Lartillot was one of those who suffered a cardiac arrest and didn't make it. The scary situation that drew the most attention this year was when Christikan Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during a Euro 2020 game.

The medical team intervened quickly and Eriksen was saved before he was rushed to the hospital.

Eriksen felt well the day after

Eriksen felt well the following day but he wanted to know what exactly happened. “We spoke this morning [Sunday].

He was making jokes, he was in a good mood, I thought he was well,” Eriksen's agent Martin Schoots said the day after. “We all want to understand what happened to him, and he does too: the doctors are making some in-depth tests, but we’ll need some time.

“He was happy, because he understood how much love he has around him. He received messages from the whole world. And he was particularly struck by those in the Inter environment: not just his team-mates who spoke to him in their private chat, but also the fans.

“Christian won’t give up. Him, and his family, want to make sure that everybody receives their thanks. Half the world contacted us, everyone was worried. Now he only needs to rest, his wife and parents are with him.

“Even tomorrow [Monday], he will remain under observation, maybe Tuesday as well. But in any case he wants to support his team-mates against Belgium”. Denmnar's team doctor Morten Boesen said Eriksen was gone.

″[Eriksen] was gone,” Denmark’s team doctor Boesen said. “We did cardiac resuscitation, it was a cardiac arrest. How close were we to losing him? I don’t know but we got him back after one defib, so that’s quite fast."

Eriksen thanked everyone for their support after the scary situation. “Big thanks for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages from around the world,” he wrote in a message tweeted out by Denmark’s soccer federation, along with a photo of a smiling Eriksen giving a thumbs-up. “It means a lot to me and my family."